Amy Kushnir Proudly Steps Into Her Role As Crusader For Homophobia and Stupidity

Amy Kushnir has made it her personal mission to keep homophobia alive in America.

“Um, as a strong American, I feel like more than ever not shuttin’ up and… and… and… and… There are so many people who have come up to me and said: ‘Thank you for expressin’ what we believe. And please don’t stop sayin’ what we believe,’” the disgraced morning news anchor told Glenn Beck in an interview.

Last week, the boxed blonde became a national laughingstock after throwing a temper tantrum on a Texas morning show over Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend.

“I wasn’t talkin’ about sexual preferences,” Kushnir told Beck. “Um, but what I was referrin’ to was the ESPN event. What was put on ESPN for shock value.”

(Note to Ms. Kushnir: Same-sex couples have been kissing on TV for the better part of two decades. Whatever “shock value” there once was wore off long, long ago.)

“We have since learned through TMZ,” Kushnir continued, “that Oprah was there with her crew. They had been recordin’, I think, for up to four weeks. This was a show that they were workin’ on for reality TV. So it was nothin’ natural. It was all set up. It was all staged. That’s the point I was tryin’ to make, but clearly did not get. And then in come the haters!”

In other words, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend was all a publicity stunt. Amy Kushnir’s own antics, however — her on-air temper tantrum followed by her interviews with Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck — are totally pure. None of that is for publicity. No way. Not at all. She’s just being a “strong American” and a good “Christian” by sticking up for what she believes in.

“I have to believe that if someone doesn’t speak up, then who?” Kushnir told Beck. “More than ever, it’s made me realize I have to stand firm in what I believe.”

“The world has changed, hasn’t it, Amy?” Beck replied, dramatically.

“Oh my gosh,” Amy answered. “I mean, I… I hear about the days when my Mom grew up, and, you know, she’s just like: ‘Oh my God! This is just so far gone.’”

So far gone, indeed.

Check out the video below.

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    “The world has changed, hasn’t it, Amy?” Beck replied, dramatically.
    “Oh my gosh,” Amy answered. “I mean, I… I hear about the days when my Mom grew up, and, you know, she’s just like: ‘Oh my God! This is just so far gone.’”

    Truer words rarely spoke, The ugly hate filled bitter world your Mother grew up is rapidly disappearing, save for a few ignorant stubborn bigots who refuse to embrace equality………..

  • blondeboyz

    You know, when you finally get your five minutes of fame it’s probably a good idea to not look like a total douche bag my dear.

  • Ron Jackson

    The world of Anita Bryant is done, finished, kaput; get over it bitches.

  • Larry

    All of Fox News and Glen Beck are setups, Amy. Its all staged to make idiots like you and those who follow you, mobilize more hate.

  • Cam

    Just another Carrie Prejean. Can’t wait to see her face when ex boyfriends start leaking photos of her trading BJ’s for Coke 10 years ago.

  • Evji108

    Who in the world, “darlin”, is Amy Kushnir? And does anyone care?

  • Ann Mason

    This common homophobia story should have fizzled out after one day. Stop giving this ignorant nobody so much publicity.

  • sejjo

    OMG, the interview is so over the top. I’m surprised they didn’t add dramatic music.

    Guess what Amy, things will always change. Things will never stay the same. Tell your mom that this isn’t 1772, it’s 2014!

  • tjr101

    Right-wing America just love themselves a pretty faced bigot with nothing in between the ears.

  • Mezaien

    The Sonora, desert have more moisture then between her legs. PS, that what happen when someone told you your white.

  • DarkZephyr

    @Mezaien: “PS, that what happen when someone told you your white.”


  • midraf

    Thick skin?!!, she said you have to have thick skin! What the hell does she know about having to have thick skin. Ask a young gay person in Americas schools about having to have thick skin, ask a young gay person who’s been bashed verbally or physically what it’s like to have to have thick skin that of course if there not died from bullying induced suicide or out right murder. Thick skin, maybe she’s now just learning what most of the gay community has already known that’s how to have a thick skin.

  • rickhfx

    The less intelligent someone is the more bigoted and likely to have superstitions and magical or childlike thinking. Bless her soul.

  • Snapper59

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention she is the daughter of the disgraced TV preacher Robert Tilton. He is one of the worst (best) of all time, his contortions on his face and sound effects added led to the viral videos “The Farting Preacher” with millions of views.

    Not to mention that ABC did an expose years ago with “prayer requests” envelopes opened, the cash removed, and deposited unread in a big pile behind the church to be burned. I guess I’d change my last name, too.

  • Snapper59


    “The Best of the Farting Preacher”
    This is her daddy, from what I’ve read on numerous blogs. I doubt it’s an internet hoax, is it?

  • Mezaien

    @DarkZephyr: IDIOT! I am African American, from Cape Town South Africa, my right to hate whites.

  • toberlin

    I do not understand why this woman thinks it is Michael Sam’s Job to care about what is “appropriate”to her.I haven’t read anything that Michael Sam has forced her to “public kissing”(Cakes involved!) so I think he tolerates her and accept her “life style”.What is her Problem?

  • Cam


    He wasn’t questioning your right to hate anybody. He was commenting on the fact that he couldn’t understand what the hell it was you were trying to say. Now who’s the idiot?

  • DickieJohnson

    @Mezaien: Then vent that hate somewhere else. No one here has done anything to you, ever. And really, you sound like a very ignorant Nazi, or worse.

  • DickieJohnson

    Um, I suppose Amy is going to make the rounds to ALL the douche-bigot interviews and newscast slots? Let them spew and hate all the want, allowing everyone to see just how awful they are. The sane people will continue to come to our side, just as the polls and trends show.

  • brokeback gypsy

    @Ann Mason:
    au contraire mon cheri – let Amy Tilton go on and on so the rest of the world can know her ignorance. Have you ever met a bigot from Texas? She will eventually step it in and then put her foot in her mouth. That is when the rest of the crazies will back away from her thinking she is too whacked – and just not realize they are looking in a mirror. Glorious.

  • Harley

    I wonder what federal lands miss Amy is feeding HER cows on (snark).

  • Cam


    Well Played. lol

  • Texasbear

    Texas is full of hypocritical Jesus freaks. Indeed it’s not the 50’s anymore and will never be again. When a person like this no name morning news show host from Dallas stirs the pot of hatred, it puts her on the wrong end of a witch hunt that most likely she will regret. I am just amazed how much progress we have made in just a few short years as a nation of gays and our straight supporters. At 44, I really though I would not live long enough to see same sex marriage. The states seem to be falling like dominos. Hopefully, she loses her job over this as the Dallas / Ft.Worth metroplex has a very large gay population. And they have lots of money and positions of power. In my opinion, I don’t think it was a stunt at all, nor do I care. I would be happy as hell if my partner was the first openly gay draft pick, I would have done the same thing.

    What disgust me most is her lame ass excuse that she claims she is a “strong American and Christian”. What about the gay “strong American” military men and women that are fighting and have given their lives in a useless war so all of including this idiot could have freedom of speech. They are by far the Strong Americans, not this uptight spoiled rich ingrate. Send her ass over there since she’s such a strong American. The stunt here is this hateful person is making money on spreading hate. Again, thank you FOX news for outing the idiots as you consistently seem to do.

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