Amy Kushnir Proudly Steps Into Her Role As Crusader For Homophobia and Stupidity

Amy Kushnir has made it her personal mission to keep homophobia alive in America.

“Um, as a strong American, I feel like more than ever not shuttin’ up and… and… and… and… There are so many people who have come up to me and said: ‘Thank you for expressin’ what we believe. And please don’t stop sayin’ what we believe,'” the disgraced morning news anchor told Glenn Beck in an interview.

Last week, the boxed blonde became a national laughingstock after throwing a temper tantrum on a Texas morning show over Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend.

“I wasn’t talkin’ about sexual preferences,” Kushnir told Beck. “Um, but what I was referrin’ to was the ESPN event. What was put on ESPN for shock value.”

(Note to Ms. Kushnir: Same-sex couples have been kissing on TV for the better part of two decades. Whatever “shock value” there once was wore off long, long ago.)

“We have since learned through TMZ,” Kushnir continued, “that Oprah was there with her crew. They had been recordin’, I think, for up to four weeks. This was a show that they were workin’ on for reality TV. So it was nothin’ natural. It was all set up. It was all staged. That’s the point I was tryin’ to make, but clearly did not get. And then in come the haters!”

In other words, Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend was all a publicity stunt. Amy Kushnir’s own antics, however — her on-air temper tantrum followed by her interviews with Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck — are totally pure. None of that is for publicity. No way. Not at all. She’s just being a “strong American” and a good “Christian” by sticking up for what she believes in.

“I have to believe that if someone doesn’t speak up, then who?” Kushnir told Beck. “More than ever, it’s made me realize I have to stand firm in what I believe.”

“The world has changed, hasn’t it, Amy?” Beck replied, dramatically.

“Oh my gosh,” Amy answered. “I mean, I… I hear about the days when my Mom grew up, and, you know, she’s just like: ‘Oh my God! This is just so far gone.'”

So far gone, indeed.

Check out the video below.