Amy Schumer Photobombs Gay Couple’s Engagement Photos In Central Park


Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore were in the midst of creating the perfect Central Park engagement photos with photographer Alisha Siegel when a voice pierced the serene moment.

“Oh my God! Are you taking engagement photos? Let me get in one!” a woman yelled.

Normally this is where we’d think “damn it New York City, way to ruin the moment,” but then the crazy lady came closer and turned out to be the good kind of crazy lady — the Amy Schumer variety.

“I thought it was a little weird, but I said yes anyways,” Siegel told People. “She took off her sunglasses, we snapped a quick pic, and right after, she says, ‘You guys know I’m like reeeeeeal famous.’ I take another look it hit me that it was Amy Schumer!”

“My face went totally blank and I said, ‘Oh my god! Amy! I love you!’ Needless to say I was pretty excited,” says Siegel, 25.

Is Amy Schumer on track to achieve Bill Murray-style awesomeness? She took a move right out of his playbook:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 2.51.46 PM

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