An Actually Gay X-Man


We probably know less about the X-Men than we should, since it is such a symbol of gayness and we are even in the right generation to be obsessed with the comic books, but today was the first we heard that the character Colossus is a homo. Apparently, he almost came out in a recent issue of the Ultimate X-Men comic book, and he is interested in Wolverine (aren’t we all?).

His super power is that he can turn parts of his body into steel, which sounds a bit intimidating, but we are still intrigued, especially since he is being played by the sexy and Canadian Daniel Cudmore in the upcoming X-Men 3 movie. Now let’s just imagine him and Hugh Jackman in a carnal, superhero embrace.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Our gay Colossus can convert body tissue in a steel-like substance. Seriously. What can you do? [Queer Beacon]