An Actually Gay X-Man


We probably know less about the X-Men than we should, since it is such a symbol of gayness and we are even in the right generation to be obsessed with the comic books, but today was the first we heard that the character Colossus is a homo. Apparently, he almost came out in a recent issue of the Ultimate X-Men comic book, and he is interested in Wolverine (aren’t we all?).

His super power is that he can turn parts of his body into steel, which sounds a bit intimidating, but we are still intrigued, especially since he is being played by the sexy and Canadian Daniel Cudmore in the upcoming X-Men 3 movie. Now let’s just imagine him and Hugh Jackman in a carnal, superhero embrace.

X-Men 3: The Last Stand – Our gay Colossus can convert body tissue in a steel-like substance. Seriously. What can you do? [Queer Beacon]

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  • Duane

    Daniel did a pretty good job as Colossus in X-man 2, even if his role was quite short. I can’t wait to see him take it to another level in the final stand.

  • Matt

    The Colossus for the “regular” Marvel Universe is still straight; it’s just the “Ultimate” Colossus that’s gay. He’ll only be in Ultimate X-Men or other Marvel titles that begin with “Ultimate.”

  • The Ghost of Captain Picard

    Colossus and the Wolverine. I wonder who would be the bottom in that romantic encounter.

    Hmmmm. Of course, if it was Wolverine, he wouldn’t have to worry about leaving scratch marks on the back of Colossus what with the steel plating and all. But then there is the whole condom thing. Although steel is much stronger than latex, I’m sure you lose alot of the sensation. And the noise! I’ve heard female cats getting laid before and I’ve heard Hugh Jackman sing so can you imagine!

    But if Colossus was the bottom, Wolverine wouldn’t have any trouble getting one (or more) of his adamantium fingers up his steel-plated pipe organ, because everyone knows that adamantium is stronger than steel. And Wolverine does have those manly mutton-chop sideburns and the Zoolander stare.

    How ever it plays out it would be HOT HOT HOT! And you just know that Professor X would be hunkered down in Cerebro, watching all the action take place, kleenex in hand.

  • Jo Jo Va

    Actually, it has been confirmed that Colossus is gay and is dating Northstar, who’s gay in Ultimate and regular X-Men. Also, the characters Anole and Karma are gay and there are a few bisexual characters. There are actually tons of LGBT superheroes, go to: and there’s many LGBT topics at

  • craig

    also, he doesn’t turn parts of his body into steel. it’s his entire body. at leas, that is the case in the main marvel xmen line- don’t know about the ultimate line. and the xmen while now associated w/ gay was originally from what I hear about African Americans- ie, Xavier=Martin Luther King Jr and Magneto=Malcolm X

    notes from a gay geek

  • Dan

    are there 2 versions of the same character. if so, why?

  • craig

    dan- two answers (and both are true) a) it allows for a wider latitude of creativity for writers who don’t want to be wed to what has come before them – ie, the whole xmen mythology can get old – as can any history when one is a new writer – hence why the movie isn’t like the comic book and b) marvel comics gets to make money off of all us fans willing to pop off a dime for the multiple permutations of characters we know- but who are now given different histories, different what ifs

  • Lisa Rosenthal

    Why is no one pointing out that MYSTIQUE is a lesbian, and has been for like 20 years? The original plan was for her to be Nightcrawler’s lez FATHER, having shape-shifted into a man so that she could knock up her blind, geriatric, fortunetelling lesbo lover, DESTINY. That plan was eventually deemed too insane, but she is still a dyke in the comics, or at least bi. (I think she has had a few manlovers as well, but Destiny was her one true love.) Frank, I have told you this at least a hundred times! DID YOU LEARN NOTHING FROM ME!!? Or is it just that no one cares about lesbos around here?!

  • ame-kun

    In the Ultimate X-men books, most people say it was only implied that Peter (Colossus) was gay. In fact, Jean made mention of it to him after class once; it was taken that Peter checked out Logan’s ass in the shower; he messed up Magneto once to protect Wolverine too; and the most obvious: Northstar asked Peter to his homecoming dance… and he accepted.
    At the very least Colossus is finding himself. But they had me convinced at “shower”…

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