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An Adoption Tale of 2 States, 9000 Miles Apart

In Australia’s New South Wales, a gay foster father is celebrating what’s believed to be the state’s first approval of a homosexual adopting a child, and the state’s parliament just approved a law permitting same-sex couples to adopt together. Meanwhile in Florida, Vanessa Alenier a lesbian woman in a committed relationship with Melanie Leon (pictured R-L), continues to fight to adopt a relative’s infant who was taken by state welfare authorities after his mother was deemed an unfit parent. While one court approved the adoption, it’s been appealed by the Department of Children & Families, citing a 1977 state law barring gays from adopting, putting the boy’s legal status in limbo. Congratulations, Florida!

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    Because we all know it is sooooo very much better for kids to wallow in foster facilites than be in a loving home with persons who will love and care for them……..

    For some reason we tend to think of Florida as somewhat of a progressive state. Maybe because of the image of Miami, South Beach, and some other cities as being somewhat Gay friendly.

    In actually it is basically a state run by redneck rightwing hillbillies with suntans.

  • Jeffree

    Congrats to New South Wales and Boo on Florida for staying stuck in the early 1970s in terms of adoption.

    @Plays Well: No kid would prefer to stay in the “system” than to be adopted. They don’t *care* if it’s a single parent home, a same-sex couple or an opposite-sex couple.

    Florida’s southern third runs fairly liberal (‘tho it’s fair to say the retiree population tends to be socially conservative.)

    People often don’t realize that the panhandle mimics the Gulf states politically, and there are large wide swaths of very conservative rural / semi-rural country outside the big cities.

    Lots of rfundie eligiosity and a horrible education system, to boot !

    Don’t forget that “Pastor Jones'” church is in Florida too !


    @Jeffree: Where the fcuk have you been????? I thought you abandoned me in the Queerty system :p

  • comstocl load

    Is it really that hard to at least scan the articles you link to? While it’s true the NSW has just decided to let gay couples adopt, this gentleman happens to live in the state of Victoria where gay couples still canNOT adopt, and that’s why only one of the partners could adopt this boy. Things are definetly NOT as rosy in Australia as your sloppy article would have us believe.

  • Jeffree

    @Comstocl Load. Thanks for the clarification. Errors on threads like this one remind me to click through to the source, because those mistakes are almost never corrected here.

    @Plays Well: School started up so I’m studying lots. Plus, too many threads are descending into ugliness and “troll.vs.troll” debates that just are sapping the site of its better posters.

  • the crustybastard

    Was the mother deemed an unfit parent for being gay, or did she have to do something?

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