An Adult Film Company That Actually Makes Adult Films? Now We’ve Heard Everything.


Films that stimulate the mind along with other, more kinesthetic body parts aren’t easy to come by. There are one’s that tickle the intellect, and ones you search for in a private browser at 1 a.m. when you can’t sleep.

The cross-over can be magical territory, though — think ShortbusThe Dreamers or 2012’s I Want Your Love, an exploration of gay sex and connection set in San Francisco.

That last film, Travis Matthew’s I Want Your Love, was produced by an unlikely company — NakedSword — better known for buff men grunting through explicit (albeit enjoyable) sexual encounters than for anything resembling real, human intimacy, with all the fears and vulnerabilities that come with it.

But the exception to the rule will soon become a norm, as this month NakedSword announced they’re launching an independent film division, NakedSword Film Works (NSFW for short), which will produce and acquire projects from queer filmmakers that further the conversation about sex.

As amateur porn increasingly cuts into the adult marketshare, it’s a move that could be as beneficial to NakedSword’s longevity as it is exciting for viewers who are interested in seeing honest, thoughtful depictions of sexuality.

Unlike the company’s bread and butter, “NSFW films do not need to have explicit sex, or even nudity, only further the conversation about gay sex.”

“We wanted to get back to the original sense of adult,” says I Want Your Love producer Jack Shamama, who is one of the curators. “Not in the explicit sense, though we don’t shy away from that, but as something complex and and mature and interesting.”

The debut original NSFW film, 100 Boyfriends Mixtape, from queer performance artist Brontez Purnell, is now live on the site, along with a small handful of artsy acquisitions. Head here to preview the selection.