An Anschluss of a Different Color


Arnold vetoed gay marriage in California, but in Europe, Germans are saying „Ja!“ to GTV, a gay television channel set to debut in 2006. Though the programming will at first only be available to German viewers, the channel plans to expand rapidly into the Swiss and Austrian markets. A media contact in Cologne, Germany, where GTV is headquartered, tells Queerty that the channel will be available to international cable subscribers, though details of which services will carry it have not been finalized.

The Promo-Teaser on GTV’s website shows our homo Brueder und Schwester doing some rainbow romping on the continent and so is worth watching even if you wouldn’t know an umlaut from a strudel. One great thing about gay TV from other countries is that it allows you to bone up on homo vocabulary in other languages before you go adventuring among the natives. For those of you who sprechen Deutsch already, and want to launch a European TV career, GTV is having on-going auditions; consult their website for details.