An Anti-Gay Co. Grows in Houston II

Basically, you guys rock.

We’re tickled a lovely shade of pink over the response to the “An Anti-Gay Co. Grows in Houston” post. (And, of course, we can’t forget the original emails that started it all.)

In case you haven’t been following, everyone’s efforts have garnered national attention. Not only has the Association of Professional Landscape Designers come out to admonish the company – which, not incidentally, erroneously claimed to be a member of the group – but the family behind the discrimination, the Farbers, have been forced to change their phone number and have taken the forum section off their website.
Also, as reported in The Houston Chronicle, the Farbers have received death threats.

At first we worried that said threats came from one of our precious readers, but then we remembered you’re all good kids and wouldn’t do something like that. Besides, we’re all far too classy! Just look at this comment from a reader named Charro:

Sabrina and Todd,
You people are vile. I hope you get lots of bad publicity.
Sabrina may you get a yeast infection.

No death threats here, just vaginal infections.

Let’s hope Sabrina’s scratching her itchy, burning vagina right now…