An Anti-Gay Co. Grows in Houston “Update”

Remember our friends, Sabrina and Todd Farber, the homo-haters whose company, Garden Guy, Inc. refused a patron their services after finding out he and his lover are both men?

Well, just over two weeks after people such as yourselves helped elevate their local discriminatory practices to a national news story, there’s an article in the Los Angeles Times rehashing the issue.
While nothing new’s really uncovered, nor did the Farbers agree to comment for said article, Tim Wildmon (pictured) of Minnesota’s American Family Assocation had these defensive words:

It shouldn’t come as a shock when a guy who takes his faith seriously says, ‘I can’t support this’… He doesn’t need to be persecuted for his actions.

We agree: he doesn’t need to be persecuted for his actions, but he should be. This, of course, raises the question: at which point should someone be dogged for their religious beliefs?

Surely we wouldn’t persecute an Orthodox Jew for not eating a bit of bacon, but most homos are plenty mad over the rioting in Jerusalem….So, readers, we ask you: when’s religion too much?

Should religion be simply a spiritual practice, or should people attempt to extend their religious beliefs to social – and thus potentially divisive – practice? Remember, we don’t like murder, but do we not approve of murder because it’s inherently wrong, or because of a more pervasive religious rhetoric?


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