january 1

An Early, Heartfelt Congratulations to New Hampshire On Winning the Battle for Marriage Equality


We don’t make it a regular habit to share the goings-on behind the scenes of Queerty, but here we are on Dec. 30, on New Year’s Eve Eve, and none of us can stop talking (ok, IM-ing) about what the first day of 2010 really means: Marriage equality in New Hampshire. As we and our readers and pundits across the land debate whether the M-word should be the top priority of gay activists, we just wanted to pause and salute the New Hampshire legislators, and Gov. John Lynch, who placed a common sense vote against discrimination. And we want to offer an early congratulations to all of New Hampshire’s soon-to-be newlyweds who will take advantage of Jan. 1, and the days and months that follow, to celebrate their love. May New Hampshire’s own New Year’s resolution, then, be to immediately shoot down the brewing effort to repeal the law, and keep the Granite State among the very few United States to proclaim, boldly but quietly, that gay families are American families. God bless.