An Expensive, Vain Way to Fight HIV/AIDS


Because the only way to raise money for causes like fighting HIV/AIDS is to involve a celebrity and consumerism, Sir Elton John lent his signature — and signature kitsch — to the iPod nano to create a line of Swarovski-encrusted status symbols. His signature is even encrusted on the back! All yours for just … £400.


For £400, fans can buy one of the limited edition Apple devices which were given a full Elton makeover.

The blinged up ‘Starburst iPod’ has more than 250 colour co-ordinated Swarovski crystals embedded into it by advanced laser technology. Elton’s autograph is also lasered onto the back of each one and it comes loaded with his greatest hits.

There are nine different colours to choose from – including yellow, black, red and pink – available from or in store at Selfridges. [Sun]