Cole Escola and Jeffery Self

An Important Announcement About the Recession from the VGL Gay Boys

A modern-day Jerry Lewis & Dean Martin, Cole Escola and Jeffery Self are proving that even though we’ll soon all be living in Hoovervilles, or I guess we should call them Obamaville’s, there’s still room to laugh. If you’re interested in learning more about the comedy duo better known as the VGL Gay Boys, check out our interview of them we did this August.

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  • Distingué Traces


    oh…it wiped my embed code. Didn’t we used to be able to embed stuff in Queerty comments?

  • Emily Sors

    Shouldn’t they be called Bushvilles???

  • Joe Moag

    @Emily Sors: You beat me to the punch!

  • Ray

    oh jeffrey self, when will you be mine…

  • disembedded

    Oh, how timely. You posted this little piece on very the day that Jossip’s Mollygood and Stereohyped were shut down. Now hopefully, Queerty will be flushed down the toilet too, since it hasn’t been anything but a piece of recycled crap since the new dull…duller…dullest editor took it over.

  • Jeffery Self

    Way to be positive “No. 6”. Thanks for posting this, Japhy! Queerty is lucky to have you.

  • David about Gay Media

    When are gays going to drop the limp wristed long s’s’s’s’s overdose of super fag from the gay media vocablary/culture? Seems the only guys that can pull off acting unaffected in gay movies are straight guys playing gay.
    Re: The clip. The message, good. The messengers, could use a serious round at straight boot camp. Maybe part of the exgay formula could be put to work after all. I vote for more un-affagted gay men to start representing us in the media.

  • James in BCN

    These two have a talent for dialogue timing, camera angles and presentation, but to make light of racism that way isn’t funny. The beginning of the skit was great and I thought it was going to go somewhere, but then it got sophomoric and didn’t work.

  • P.D. Noosh

    James in BCN, they weren’t satirizing racism itself, but instead the sort of PC dialogue and educational efforts surrounding racism and similar issues. That? Was a perfect send-up of probably every sensitivity training video and PSA ever made. LOVED it.

  • chuck


    I know this is off topic, but why won’t the respond box on the Governor Christ Marriage blog open? I thought it was rather curious that no one had posted on it since it appeared on Dec. 4th.

  • Cole Escola

    @David about Gay Media: RE:”The messengers, could use a serious round at straight boot camp.”

    All through childhood and adolescence I had a lot of anxiety trying to figure out how to “act straight” because I was SO ashamed of who I was. I prayed every night for God to make me heterosexual, or at least less effeminate so that I didn’t fit the stereotype and could hide easier. I stayed the same.

    Years passed, I grew up (or at least got older), and I moved to New York where it was okay to be gay. All of a sudden I was ashamed again. I was embarrassed because I happen to be effeminate and I was concerned I was causing harm by being yet ANOTHER prissy faggot propagating the same gay stereotypes. Again, I tried to “act more straight.” I even stopped listening to some of the music I’ve always loved. Then I realized that was RIDICULOUS. I’m a person. I happen to be gay. I also happen to be effeminate. NOT because gay media told me to be. I just am. And if there’s anything I’ve learned from being a homosexual and dealing with the adversities that have come with it, it’s this:

    Nobody should be made to feel ashamed for who they are and nobody should be made to feel like they need to change to please anyone else. Corny? You bet your foreskin it’s corny, but it’s also true.

    SO “David on Gay Media,” if you believe I need to go to “straight boot camp,” how about I come to wherever you are and break your pussy-ass face. I’ll even use the steel baseball bat I got when I tried playing sports to seem more masculine. Is that straight enough for you? Or should I bone your mom for good measure?

    All in good fun!

  • Just me

    @ No. 8 · David about Gay Media who squeaked ‘I vote for more un-affagted gay men to start representing us in the media.’

    I vote against it!

  • David W

    Dear Cole,

    I am sorry if I hurt your feelings. I happen to love “effeminate” men, in fact, I’d go to bed and or date one in a minute and have so done, so relax, it’s not about you being too effeminate. The truth is, these guys on youtube are not really effeminate, they are overly obviously gay which reads fag, and that style rules too much gay media in my opinion. I don’t mind it at all in small doses. Women are feminine and they don’t do all the strange weird mannerisms that haunt that one gay stereotype. If they did, straight men would fuck’em off in a sec. It’s that undertone of nasty bitchy fuck the world I’m a star that is just plain waaay ooooverdone. Unfortunately, they just aren’t all Betty Davis’ in All About Eve. It’s been done ad nauseam, lets move on. BTW the guys in the vid are mild compared to some.
    So some class now steps in: Lance Bass has it all go’in on. The guy is a great gay communication role model. His communication is balanced and cool. I’d like to see more of that representing us in the gay media. So, I apologize if you took my statement as judgemental, but really it’s about marketing, about giving a gay guy with a balanced communication style more chance to represent gay media, along with the other stereotypes. (yes I can deal with faggotish in small doses though overdosed at this point, otherwise I have no issue with that comm style). Point is, the Lance Bass communication style representing the gay community is far and wide too understated. I’d like to see that more in the media, but not to the exclusion of other styles. I also don’t agree with dudes running around at gay pride parades with their asses poking out of chaps and dildos hanging off their motorcycles. Not because I’m against either of those things cuz I’m not, but acceptance is a marketing package and straight people focus on that shit. It don’t do us one bit of good getting gay marriage secured, which I want more than anything else.
    I hope you get more where I’m coming from. I’m in marketing, I like balance. Fag comm is fine, I love it on a Sat night drag show, it’s just overdone in the media. And it’s not representative of the vast majority of gay people. At. All. Mild to medium effeminate, love it anytime.
    Peace, DavidontheMedia

  • David About Gay Media

    That is my post marked David W just above this post.

  • Thomas

    uhhh Bushvilles. The villes get named after the President on whose watch the recession starts.:-) Not that I want to live in any Bush. Last time I was there, a nice Doctor pulled me free and I wept for joy!



  • Dan

    I was about to launch into some huge diatribe about David’s incomprehensible, idiotic and insensitive post, but why not just use his own words?

    “Lance Bass has it all go’in on. The guy is a great gay communication role model.”

    Truly, this is somebody you’d want to have marketing your crap…

  • chuck

    Basically, this is the same rap that is going on in the Christian Siriano blog.

    I posted a rather long dissertation there in response to another poster who has similar thoughts and ideas as David, so I won’t be redundant by posting it here as well.

  • Dawster

    i loved this. i emailed it to everyone i know.

    (maybe it’s because of my secret crush on Cole… i don’t know)

    ANYWAY, i would dote more but i have to take my ‘limp wristed super fag’ self to my big butch super straight manly job.

    thanks guys for consistently making me laugh!

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