An Open Letter to an Aging Madge

Dear Madonna/ Madge/ M-Dolla,

We, the gays, need to sit down and have a talk with you. We know you’re busy avoiding being killed by terrorists, raising your prop-babies and planning a high-NRG meth freak dance with Britney, but this is important.

See, we don’t know if you realize it yet, but you’re getting old. Actually, that’s not the problem; everyone gets old eventually. The problem is that you’re not handling it very well. We worry for you, not because you left your husband (that, we know you can handle), but because you’re slowly transforming into Cher before our very eyes. News that you’re on a “salmon retox” diet to make yourself look 15 years younger is the last straw. We could handle the $150,000/year blessed water habit, the fact that your last concert tour had all the charm of a Jazzercise class and that you give Justin Timberlake Vitamin B shots in his ass, but there’s a difference between being healthy and obsessively chasing after your fading youth.

Look, we’re the gays, your biggest fans, we’re with you no matter what you do. But you’re the woman who redefined what it means to be a woman. You’ve broken every taboo, flouted every societal norm and made millions doing it. With the Baby Boomers greying and fading into retirement, you could reshape the whole idea of what it means to get old. You could make old sexy and fun and erotic, but instead, you’re running around with Britney Spears in what’s starting to look like a desperate attempt to seem young and relevant.

Madonna, you will always be relevant. Embrace your pop star gravitas and embrace your 50s. The thing we loved so much about Ray of Light was that it reflected your maturity. Hard Candy, not so much. It’s time for you to stop worrying whether you can make it with Kanye & Timbaland and transforming yourself into a piece of salmon-infused gristle.



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  • Bertha Stewart

    We love you no matter what Mad’:)

    But growing older can be a beautiful thing (think josephine baker).

  • hells kitchen guy

    Agreed, except for one thing: She hasn’t had work done on her face. Work those wrinkles, Madge, they look fabulous!!

  • Muscato

    Cher? She should look so good. What the unfortunate Mrs. Penn Ritchie is starting to look like is Mae West. At 80. And a whole lot stringier.

  • Alexa

    @hells kitchen guy:
    No way she hasn’t done anything to her face, it looks pinched and stretched beyond recognition. If it really is just from dieting I’m going to go out and eat a donut right now. She’s looking scary (all over), and that’s so sad, she would look so great if only she was a bit more natural looking.

  • marco

    I give it 5 years before Donatella Versace looks like she has a twin.

  • Dishy

    Cher? Hey at least that woman can sing on key live. Nuff said. Oh and she can act. Forgot about that.

  • faghag

    Leave Madonna alone, if she were a man, she wouldn’t have half as many people talking shit about her as she does.
    It’s nice to see that sexism and ageism is alive and well even in the LGBT community. Ridiculous.
    whatevs, she’s still my idol, life long fan, always have, always will be.

  • Kevin B

    Is this letter coming from the community whose own members regularly wear Abercrombie & Fitch (college clothing) well into their 40’s and 50’s (60’s if you’re a certain NYC DJ)? The same community that spends big money at the Clinique counter on useless lotions and has now convinced straight men that they need to do the same?

    I’ll admit the muscles are a bit much. She’s clearly taking steroids of some sort. She needs to lay off them. Her face will settle. Her body will regain a new look. And, I guarantee this, the next album will have a maturity to it. I have said this before, I sincerely believe that Confessions marked the beginning of a new cycle. If you fold her career in half, Confessions is her first album all over again. Hard Candy is the goofiness of Like a Virgin. And the next one will will probably be a True Blue / Like a Prayer mixture. Watch as the lyrics get controversial (Papa Don’t Preach) and as her divorce figures in heavily (Till Death do us Part).

  • tavdy79

    It’s not the ageing that worries me, it’s the gradual but incessant emaciating. Marilyn Monroe is still considered the most beautiful woman of all time – and she was a size 14!

    And if Madge wants tips on how to age fabulously, perhaps she should take a few lessons from ladies like Emma Thompson or Judi Dench.

  • jason dottley

    madonna is aging only as Madonna would. She defies what is expected. LEAVE HER ALONE. She’s our greatest ally. If your face was to be plastered around the globe every year in some type of media campaign, you too, would have issues with wrinkles and looking old!!
    Let’s not forget how thin she always gets during and after a world tour. You bitches try to do what she does, shit, not a 20 year old around with that much drive and energy.
    So SHUT your open letter to Madonna. Trust me, she couldn’t care less about your opinions, “this is who i am, you can, like it or not, you can love me or leave me, cause I’m never gonna stop, no no, no never!” (Like it Or Not, Confessions)
    And I LOVE the person who talked about all the A&F guys in their 50’s… gays hold on to youth more than ANYONE. Shit, more than Cher!

  • Flex

    Madonna, if you read this, please don’t listen to your loyal critics. I think you’re the brightest star in the universe, and you still have potential. I can’t wait to see what you pull out of your hat, next, and the next. Best wishes to you and your new life. Please visit San Francisco more often.

  • Marty

    Her plastic surgeries are what disappoint me most. All the way back to “Vogue” she was starting to have work done, and it took away my belief that her confidence and chutzpah were a force of nature. It saddens me to see her riddled with the same human insecurities we mortals have, she is supposed to be a goddess! ;-)

    I have long said that Madonna is not Marilyn Monroe, she is Mae West and as she is aging she is taking many of the same biographical journeys that Miss West went on. She has the same brilliance and independence within her medium, has the same force of personality, but unfortunately she is also becoming a parody of herself who is unable to come out of character.

  • ask ena

    I’m not particularly a fan of Madonna (ok, I bought her first record when it came out), but I thought Hard Candy is actually a great record for the treadmill…


  • Alexa

    This is not about sexism or ageism (I’m female and not exactly young myself), and it’s not about Madonna trying to look younger. God knows, the amount of time I spend in the gym and the amount of money I spend on the latest skin creams, supplements, etc. in an effort to slow the inevitable is pretty ridiculous. The problem is that she is obsessed with it and ends up looking terrible, far worse than she would if she used more sense. She’s a beautiful woman, she has great bone structure and a fabulous figure, but she doesn’t look good any more, and it’s not because she is getting old, it’s because she is trying to stop gettng old. She needs an intervention.

  • elle T


  • Trick

    Long live the queen!

  • Keith

    @jason dottley: “defies what is expected” I think her reaction to aging is expected. Which is the point. She needs to let go and live a normal life and enjoy what she has for awhile then come back with something special and unique.

  • Darth Paul

    “Look, we’re the gays, your biggest fans, we’re with you no matter what you do.”

    Speak for yourself, fool.

  • Butterpantz

    A simple ” Your music has sucked for the last 15 years would’ve sufficed”.

  • Inertia_90

    @Butterpantz: It wouldn’t be true though. It’s only sucked for the last four.

    But anyway, this letter is spot-on. Shame she won’t see it.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    “Taffy, for 14, you don’t look so Good” Divine as Dawn Davenport, Female Trouble.

    Madonna is NOT Gay-friendly (anti Gay Marriage)
    Cher is GAY Friendly (has always been)

    Her madgesty seems to be on her way to looking like a bad fast-lifted newsreader on CNN!

    Things not in her favor:
    Italian women do not age well. Guy Richie discovered that!
    Her jogger’s face syndrome has an aging gravitational pull
    Her legs on “Confessions” looked like your Grandmas
    Mae West was prettier at her age.
    Emulate women who age well and stop trying to look as young as Natasha Bedingfield because everyone is laughing AT you.
    You come across as desperately needing Britney to hitch your Vegas-bound 80s act to when you were more believable with friends like Rosie O’Donnell and Sandra Bernhard who were your age group.
    Drop the fake British affectations as we still know you were trailer trash from Detroit who discovered Hollywood-God
    Get a hot Spanish lover (what you always wanted) and live life a little unkept (Hippy chicks get tha Dicks!)
    Go out with a Bang and not a whimper: Film a Cirque De Soleil concert farewell in Las Vegas that will blow the other “bitches” out of the water, just like Cher and Tina Turner.
    Embrace and apologize to your Gay brother who you cast out for your homophobic Ex-husband
    Fire your publicist! She’s your biggest liability now.

  • michael

    @jason dottley:

    Jason, this letter is to Madonna, not that old man you married as a child in order to get yourself an acting career. Jesus. can’t you get a decent publicist or are you having to resort to inflicting yourself onto blogs to get your name in lights. I hope your not so grandiose to think that your face will be plastered all over the media when you reach her age. Unless you get some talent thats probably not going to be an issue for you. I also had to laugh at your “trust me should could care less about your opinions” line, like your her best friend and knowd what she thinks about anything.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I like Madonna, and just like your husband, I can remember her career from the start. There is no doubt that she has brought a lot of happiness into the lives of many. She is probably one of the greatest entertainers of the last 50 years, if not ever. But when queens start talking about her as if she were their mother or something and start projecting all over her I feel compelled throw water on your face. We know you like old folks Jason but Madge does not look good and she has to much style and class to allow this to happen to herself.


    I think people should do whatever they want to their appearance if it personally makes them feel great, fresh, and good.

    Our bodies,our face, our weight is a personal decision and should be up to the individual and not via a vote by the general public.

    Personally, I admire people who fight the aging process…even if the measures are somewhat un-traditional.

    This is not our parents generation…this is a new generation and we have the resources and science now to look a bit better than nature intended.

    Long Live the Queen!


    P.S. When did we all become so cruel?

  • Tim

    I find it hard to swallow that anyone takes issue with the fact that Madonna, a woman who has devoted her life to reworking her look, had added a little surgical assistance to the team of directors who have been performing semi-annual remakes on the bitch for 25 years now

    Work it out honey…

  • Rob

    What has Madonna ever done for gays but use them as props to shock middle America in the ’90s and as one of the last reliable demographic markets for her unbelievable ticket prices as of late? Why is she a gay icon? What has she ever done for us? Someone please fill me in.

  • JC

    I’m sure the ‘salmon retox’ news is a bogus rumor anyway – but I don’t have a problem with her wanting to feel good about the way she looks.

    I agree with the other comments that it’s a bit hypocritical to represent the gay community on this issue as a lot of aging gay men are desperately seeking to look younger themselves. Perhaps we’re just a little jealous that she has greater access to age-defying remedies that we don’t..?

    Oh and @21: Madonna is not anti-gay marriage (wtf?) – search youtube for her recent speech in LA following prop 8 passing.

  • Cody

    I completely agree. I love Madonna. Even when her music sucks, she’s good (hello, American life….rapping at the end? I loved it!). But you reach a point when enough is enough. I like that she is supporting that crack whore (Britney) when she needs true support. But to be doing anything more than supporting her is a bit much. And really Madonna, put on some weight. You aren’t looking good at all.

    I have nothing against a little surgery. I think her facial work it great, she looks beautiful! But her music has become lackluster. I feel like her music always had some form of meaning, shock value, or reasoning. I can not find any song like that on Hard Candy….

    I need some old school Madonna.

  • Brybrybry

    Really? Plastic surgery as early as 1990? As a huge fan, it has always been my understanding that she had done everything under the sun to appear youthful except surgery. Only in ’08, prior to Hard Candy launch, did she seriously go under the knife, getting all sorts of lifts, fillers, and let’s not forget the unfortunately-scaled cheek implants that get in her way when she tries to smile, speak.

  • michael

    “when did we all become so cruel?” Sadly the answer to that one is quite easy. When any person(s) or particular group of persons is systematically put down as being less than for things they are powerless over, such as race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality on and on a lesson is taught that people are not equal. So the self hatred is internalized and the only way to feel somewhat better about oneself is to seek out a person or person(s) or another group that seems to be even less than you or the group you belong to is. Its a horrible part of the human condition and the belief that we all are not equal is the root to most all the problems in our world.

    If you are considered high on the food chain, such as a celebrity like Madonna is, then two two things can happen, any flaws that show are going to be pointed out as it reduces the illusory perfection we pin on them thus we don’t have to feel so bad that we never made it to their level. The second thing that happens is that a person who is high on the food chain, knowing that often times they were placed there for specific reasons eventually realize that has those reasons begin to slip so does their self esteem, so naturally they will take extreme measures to remedy this. We live in a culture that says youth is better to the point that when one looses it they automatically go to the less than category and thats an ugly place to go, especially if
    much of your worth was built upon your youth and the way you look.

  • Franco

    You get old your way, and she can get old her own way. I also can’t help but notice that beside this article is an advertisement on how to get rid of wrinkles. Botox perhaps? With a gay culture obsessed with youth (just look at your ‘morning goods’) I think your case is void of any credibility.

  • Jock

    We still love you, Madonna!

  • Darth Paul

    @Rob: THANK YOU!

  • mb00

    Sexism and Ageism?! Huh?! where’d you get that from? Sexism?: We love her because SHE IS a woman and Ageism? We WANT her to grow old naturally. How’s that sexist and ageist?

  • Bruno

    Long overdue. Act your age Madge!

  • mb00

    @faghag: oh and further more. If she was man, you’re right, not many of us would be talking about her and that because he’d be a MAN!!!! If you’re a real “faghag” as your name claims, you’d know by now that we love our strong female divas WAY MORE than we do their male counterparts.

  • Cam

    “””No. 7 · faghag
    Leave Madonna alone, if she were a man, she wouldn’t have half as many people talking shit about her as she does.”””

    Oh givem e a break, that old tired statement? That comment about “If she were a man” is the same used up old refrain that people who can’t think of anything better always say. The truth is, if she was a man she never would have gotten where she was. Nobody would have bought records put out by a man with a so so voice who ran around in skimpy clothes and a “Boy Toy” belt so give the “Sexism” speech a rest Fag Hag. Madonna ONLY is where she is because she not only is a woman but she played the sex card. Since she opened that door it is completely fair of us to comment on that aspect of her public persona….and I have to say, she looks like a wasted annorexic zombie. She needs to gain about 10 lbs, stop working out her arms, and whatever she is doing to her face…STOP IT! As for you #7, Fag Hag, maybe you should read a book once in a while.

  • wondermann

    @Rob: I agree with Rob. Beside stealing a dance craze (vogueing) and putting sex out on the street (and books and bad movies in the 90s)…what else has she done? To be honest, she barley fit a gay icon status. Cyndi Lauper has done more direct gay outreach than Moo-donna. And yet, she a gay icon…however, Madame is a gay icon as well.

  • afrolito

    What an idiotic “open letter”, full of misinformed banal bullshit, and tired misogyny. Madonna is aging like all of us, but the only one obsessed with her age is the media (inclusing the idiot(s) who wrote this open letter).

    Madonna is still beautiful, richer than ever, and Hard Candy was awesome! Sucks for the old queens who couldn’t get into it. The Sticky and Sweet tour was amazing,and ended as the biggest tour of 2008.

  • Kevin B

    This country has never been supportive of perfection. Madonna has been very wise to understand that, in order to have a long career, you will have to dip in and out of failure. If we’ve already forgotten, she was considered completely over after the one-two punch of Sex and Body of Evidence. She survived. She’s always survived. She’ll survive again. Her body right now? Not at it’s most beautiful but I suspect she’ll return to a more natural and beautiful look. She’s signed a very long deal with LiveNation. Some of you can’t see past next year. I suspect she already has the next 10 years mapped out.

    As for you dopes with the “why is she a gay icon?” Madonna more than any celebrity of her time made no apologies for the controversy she created. Outspoken, fearless and relentless. She gave a voice to those of us who were afraid to speak up and made us feel just a little more normal. She challenged conventional thought and kept us dancing the whole time. It’s utter bulls**t to say that she is anti gay marriage or that she used us. Lay off the crack. Some of you expect that she has to carry us under her wing for the rest of her life. How lame and unfortunate that you feel we need to treated like children. She’s been very careful not to publicly attach herself to any one thing for too long. That includes us. But it doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love us in private.

    I hope those that hate her are plagued by the sound of her voice for years to come. I wish this upon you!

  • Sam Roberts

    @michael: It’s always so interesting to me how our own community is the first to bash and berate our own. Why do you have to be so mean, Michael? Why do you have to attack Jason Dottley — and worse, his husband, Del Shores, who has given our community some of the best queer stage, film and television? You obviously don’t know them, their relationship, but you feel the need to judge their relationship. We always get upset with the Christians, or the straight homophobes when they judge us, but people like you, Michael, are no better. Maybe worse. I applaud Jason Dottley and Del Shores for being out and open and constantly doing something to shine a beautiful light on our community. What have you done for us, Michael, except bash our own? I suspect you are a very unhappy, bitter person.

    Sam Roberts

  • alan brickman

    Considering most “fags” think they are “over” at 30…o well….


    @Kevin B: Kevin, you got everything right on. Thank you

  • Alfredo Munoz

    Why do any of you feel you have the right to say these horrible things about another human being? It is obvious she is trying to get well, and she looks better than she has in months. Not everyone in the world is blessed with classic beauty, but she is a beautiful woman in her own right, especially when she is happy and smiling. Yes, she has made mistakes, who hasn’t? But in her defense, at least she only hurts herself. That is more than I can say for you losers sitting at home, safely behind your anonymous computers, trying to tear down a person who is already fragile. Why don’t you pick on someone to their face, where they can defend themselves. I know why, because you would get your asses kicked. You are all weak and small and I can’t imagine what you could possibly gain from talking about another human being in this way. Get a life and stop hurting others to make yourself feel better.

  • M Swan

    A new low for Queerty.

    What is the point of the hate?

    Trying to piss off the rest of us?

    Grow up.

    You are given a platform to inform and entertain others, and this is what you do with it…

  • michael

    @Sam Roberts: First of all I will tell you what I do for our community. I am a volunteer consellour at a youth center for disadvantaged at risk LGBT homeless youth. In the past few months my partner and I were speakers at the marriage equality rally held in the city that I live. I also marched in a small town 30 miles away along with many other from my town in support of a group of youth that wanted to have a gay pride march and were physically threatened and denied a parade permit. No, I have not produced any white trash TV shows, sorry if my contributions pale in comparison.

    About Mr. Shores and Mr. Dottley. A few years ago I was visiting Nashville Tn. during the cities gay pride festivities. Mr. Shores and Mr. Dottley were “guest speakers”. They went over like a lead balloon. The crowd was forced to listen to Mr. Shores go on and on about how fabulous life was since he decided to come out. How nothing but manna from heaven had reigned down upon him. How he had met the love of his life and recently married him in Malibu. How he was part of a successful TV series and how is fabulous new film was being released. Good for him. But then came the preaching. The preaching at the crowd about how they should “come out”. How they should have the same courage he had. We also had to listen to how his father, a Baptist minister, blessed his new life. It was sickening to sit and listen to this man who had spent the majority of his life in a lie preach to others about how they should live theirs. Holding himself up as some fucking expert on the gay experience because he is some D list celebrity. I looked at the faces in the crowd as he spoke. Faces of people who had more courage than he could ever know. People who lost their families because of who they are. People who lost lovers to a horrible disease while he was hiding behind his wife and kids in Hollywood. Men his age that had faces that showed the pain and scars of living with a disease that he managed to avoid. Peoples who never will know if there careers were stifled because of who they are. People whose reality was reality, not some Hollywood fairy tale.

    There is nothing more arrogant and sickening to me than to see someone who has avoided the scars of life by being a coward themselves tell others how they ought to be, and then toot their own horn about what a fabulous contributor and activist they are to the gay world. Also celebrity, no matter how small does not make anyone an expert on social issues. Mr. Shores and Mr. Dottley love to let the world know what they do for the gay community. Its called publicity whoring and thats not heartfelt and genuine. Mr. Dottley coming on this blog, signing his last name to his comment as if that makes him some superior being that we should all heed to is narcissistic and pathetic and insulting. I merely bitch slapped him with a little humility. He can be pretty cocky for a hick from Mississippi who has basically played one role his entire career.

    And as far as being a bitter unhappy person. Sorry you imagined wrong. I live a very rewarding life. Its a life in the trenches where you never know if a young person you are working will overdose before you see them again. Its a life trying to teach young souls they are lovable even though they have been driven out of their homes and into the streets by parents who are ashamed of them. Its a life of listening to the stories of 16 year olds contracting HIV because they are allowing themselves to be sexually used bareback for the the extra $20.00 it will get them.
    You have no idea what misery and unhappiness truly is till you spend time with someone who has barely stepped out of childhood and is telling you the stories of survival they endure on a daily basis. I am glad being a star fucker and elevating the privileged makes you so happy. I would rather find mine loving those who are not quite so fabulous but much more real.

  • DavidfrankRay

    Madonna appears to want to handle her personal life with class.
    Unfortunately she seems to feel that to entertain she must rely on the old bump and grind routine. I’d just advise her to think more Marlene Dietrich and less Mae West as time goes on.

  • Vanhattan

    @jason dottley:

    “Trust me she could care less about your opinions”. Like your her best friend or something. Madonna has done battle with the world her entire career. You don’t fight people cause “you don’t care”. She even said herself that her whole erotica period was driven by rage. Rage that people said she had no talent. Its even been said her biggest fear is that people will stop talking about her. So she does care. And who are you to call people on this thread “bitches”? As someone pointed out earlier it seems like your the bitch, a professional one at that. And how profound you are that you can quote lyrics to one of her little songs. Can we expect you to start quoting us Tolstoy next? I thought not. Instead of shutting this letter as you ordered maybe we should just shut you.

  • Dawster

    OK, here’s an open letter to Queerty:

    “Time to bring Andrew back.


    -Everyone with Cognitive Thought”

  • Trick

    Andrew was just as bitchy about Madonna as this new one is…they know it gets a lot of reactions b/c gays are about 60/40 love/hate M. But, yes, this site has definitely gone downhill since his departure….i rarely come here anymore.

  • Mark

    @Dawster: @Trick: Are you kidding? Not only is the grammar on this site much improved, but the original stories are great. This site is 1000 times better now…

  • Michael vdB

    Ah, Mag is just going through a phase…again. But in the end, it really is her life. Let her live it as she feels because we all know it isn’t easy having to live up to the social norms we have set for ourselves.

  • Anti-Disney

    @Trick: This is NOT about Elton!

  • Anti-Disney

    She is clearly stuck in a vortex chasing the tail of her own youth. This has left her facing backwards, haggard and spent.

  • alan brickman

    if a man was doing it there would be no cristism…self appointed hypcrites rear their ugly heads once again…

  • michael

    @alan brickman: Not exactly true, Rupert Everett was racked over the coals after his redo. Its just fewer men go to these extremes to hold on to their youth.

  • Anne Beck

    Hilarious. LOVED the take on mad’s insanely tight face.
    And, for the commentor worried that nothing would be said were she a MAN of that age; Uh, no. If it were a man doing this to his face, the same would be said.
    Madonna, let the face go.. let your age show. You will still be gorgeous.
    Who really DOES want to look like Cher, other than Joan Rivers and Michael Jackson (oh and a cute boy in drag)?

  • Nashville Bob

    @michael: Michael you are attacking someone over a speech that quick frankly sounds like something Harvey Milk would have said — asking people to come out — which I frankly agree with. The more faces we put on gay, the less homophobia will exist. That is a fact! That has been proven. It is happening! I was there that day at Nashville Pride and I remember that speech quite differently. I was sitting right by the stage. I remember Mr. Shores saying what a coward he was to come out so late, I believe he used he word “pathetic” and how fear and religion crippled him for years, how he thought his life was over, but it had just begun. How he was not accepted by his family and only on his Dad’s death bed did they have some sort of resolve. How he hoped people could come out, but respected those who had to come out in their own time — like him. He praised the crowd, said he had no idea it would be so big. The crowd was enthusiastic and he was inspirational to many of us and my posse stood and applauded after he spoke. Then I waited in line to meet Mr. Jordan and Mr. Shores and get my DVD signed. They couldn’t have been more humble, down to earth and sweet to every body that they greet. I stood behind a kid who told them that he came out to his family because of their film. Mr. Jordan and Mr. Shores got up and hugged this kid and there were tears all around. It was beautiful. I mean, please, even if he had a bad day, a bad speech, are you going to throw away his entire body of work and what he does? Did you see “Southern Baptist Sissies” at TPAC. It was devastating and full of heart and paid that we can all relate to as Southern boys. The Bible says “judge not lest you be judged”. Let’s all stop, shall we? I applaud the work you do and am happy you are in the trenches, helping youth. You are truly a hero — and I hope I didn’t come off too harsh. Blessings to you and your partner for all you do for our community.

  • Nashville Bob

    I meant “full of heart and pain that we can all relate to as Southern boys”. Sorry for the typo. Bob.

  • Like A Fan

    MADONNA MAKEOVER TIPS: JOHn WATERS has a movie script for you to read called DIAMONDS, he would appreciate you!
    Less Botox!
    Go gay—the horse fetish is so hetero.
    Read your poetry and get inspired.

  • sparkle obama

    – well i guess i’d rather see you “gays” reflexively complaining about madonna’s face than fumblingly attempting to discuss “race”…

    whatever, b*tches – say something real.

  • Reg

    What is really hilarious is reading this ‘open letter’ and then glancing over to the sidebar on the right and seeing dozens of clichéd images of what it means to be gay. Another shirtless 20-something? How clever and interesting.

    Madonna should certainly seek some advice on how to handle her aging, but she should take it from a source that has at least an atom or two of originality.

  • S.

    The answer to all of life’s problems can be found in a hamburger.

    Just ask Oprah.



  • Mike

    @seitan-on-a-stick: I’m sorry, but you are full of sh*t. For somebody who acts like a know-it-all, you have your facts all wrong. She is NOT against Gay marriage and she supports gays. The fact that you are telling her to make up with her brother, says it all. He’s a pathetic, ego-maniac, who thinks he’s worthy of all the accolades that “M” has received, just because he worked with her for awhile. The man clearly has issues. Shove your ill-informed opinions up your ass.

  • Mike

    @wondermann: What an idiot. What has she done??? Um, she’s only set the bar for all other female artists that came after her. You don’t get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for nothing, loser.

  • ScottsEver29

    I may not always love every piece of music she puts out to the world (Confessions…is her best I think) or some choices, decisions of various kinds she has made I will admit (we’re all human and entitled to make mistakes), but she will remain a constant icon no matter how she looks or what she may or may not do to maintain her appearance through the years to come or what she does overall and “that” (remaining an icon) is something that no one can deny.



  • jd

    a few things

    grow up and stop giving this woman attention she is not in need of….

    a negative or positive comment indicate the same thing – you’re jockin’ her – HARDCORE. if you are writing that madonna is NOT relevant – you are only DISproving your point. take a moment to think. madonna still induces the craziest of responses in people. she brings out this intense joy or this intense disdain. strange how both seem to keep her afloat.

    look, madonna will remain relevant until she decides she has had enough. low album sales in the US mean very little, she eventually sells millions here. in business, gradual growth is the most sought after and reliable indicator of success.

    madonna is driven, which tends to bother people who have allowed their dreams to wither and die. they are appalled this person will not let go, will not “act her age” or “look her age”. all the negative comments tell me something is wrong with alot of you guys. such bitterness. and yeah, you are bitter.

  • k

    Im gay (duh) and the only women i would ever have sex with, would be madonna, at any age. She’s amazing and has only gotten better. Really gays when has she ever critizied you. never. Don’t judge her. She can’t bee judge. Let her be free from our judgment. plz. Nobody is perfect.

  • Lali

    I actually agree with this letter somewhat – though it could have been said in a less mean spirited way.

    Madonna is a performer and a female. Though perhaps the most interesting thing she could do is age, she won’t. Her vanity and her desire to be relevant will probably mean more plastic surgery and working with younger producers so she can be heard. So? Sue her. It’s a youthful culture.

    That doesn’t mean she deserves to be ignored. At her core, she is a brilliant pop musician who writes fantastic songs.

    And really, many of the postings here are totally mysogynistic. Men can be sex symbols well into their ’70s but a woman turns 50 and every gay man begins screaming “ew, put it away!”

    think about what you’re saying. It’s a really awful attack on someone who has contributed alot to music and the world.

  • cheekiey

    Did she even mention anything on Prop 8 at any of her California tour stops. I didn’t hear anything said at the LA show or the SF show I saw. I was and am disappointed in her now and will no longer support her until I am shown different. A friend that saw the show in Miami said she had nothing to say on Prop 2 there. Why?

  • coffee

    Whatever Madonna is doing to preserve herself, Christina Aguilera should start taking notes

  • Lali

    Why should she mention any proposition?

    Stop being a whiney gay and expecting celebrities to use your voice. Actually, Madonna did voice her opposition about 8 at her concert but it’s arrogant that she is expected to. She doesn’t owe the gay community anything. She has given us her voice, her talent and her suport over the years and doesn’t have to fight our battles for us.

  • paul

    What has she done for the gays? Are you kidding me? How about embracing AIDS stricken people when it was a even more stigmatized disease than it is today. How about actively engaging people in dialogue about homophobia?

    Madonna has taken my shots for the gay community, and it is her unwavering support that has made her so polarizing.

    She helped a little gay boy (me) who felt like he had no one to look up to an image of strength. Defiance in the face of bigotry and intolerance. At the risk of sounding cheesy and sentimental, that’s what she gave me….

  • paul

    The constant dissecting of her physicality among gays is because her aging reminds us of the harsh reality of the gay male experience. That our value is tied to our youth. Its the old cliche about the school bully picking mercilessly on the effeminate kid. We are cruelest to those who reflect the parts of ourselves we hate the most.

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