An Orthodox A Day Keeps The Drag Queen Away

Борис Моисеев , or Boris Moiseev, if you must, is a gender-bending Russian singer, dancer, and showman. In the words of Andrej Koymasky, “His shows are logged with strongest sexual energy, built on craziest artistic idea, without limits and bans.” Well, Boris may put no bans on himself, but a group called In Defense of Russian Orthodox Morals is all over his ass worse than a motorized strap-on.


Boris’s show in Tyumen, Siberia has been sold out for weeks, yet the authorities there have banned it. Those stern nose-pickers at In Defense of Russian Orthodox Morals called the performer a “freak” and said that he would have a “damaging influence on youth.” Last time Queerty checked, the main thing having a damaging influence on youth was the passage of time.

Another group, the Russian Orthodox Brotherhood, is also raining on Boris’s parade, trying to have his show banned in other cities. They should have ice-cold vodka bottles twisted around in their fundaments. Boris Moiseev himself has denounced the misguided censorship of his artistic expression. You can download some of his songs for free here.