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Ana Navarro telling Ted Cruz to kindly STFU on ‘The View’ is literally all of us

Ana Navarro was having none of Ted Cruz‘s bullsh*t during his appearance on yesterday’s episode of The View.

The two Republicans butted heads throughout the interview, with Navarro questioning his character for supporting Donald Trump even after the ex-president called his wife ugly, as well as grilling him on his commitment the U.S. Constitution and whether he believes Joe Biden fairly won the 2020 presidential election. (Spoiler alert: Cruz refused to say.)

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But the moment that’s been going the most viral today is the tense exchange that happened after Cruz, who was there to promote his crappy new book, was asked about insurrectionists who raided the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to stop the 2020 presidential election results from being certified.

The anti-LGBTQ senator went on a wild and barely coherent tangent about everyone from Hillary Clinton to Al Gore, his voice growing increasingly louder, until Navarro finally jumped in to tell him to kindly lower the volume.

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“You just said we don’t scream at each other, right?” she said. “Or is it just you that gets to scream? … Lower your voice because we are very close to one another.”


Cruz’s disastrous appearance on The View came one day after he was booed and told to “go back to Cancun” by fans during Sunday’s MLB World Series game at Yankee Stadium.


Ted Cruz walking through #Yankee Stadium was a beautiful moment for #NewYork #nyc #eitanthegoalie

? Original sound – Eitan Levine

NY Mag reports:

New Yorkers’ hatred of Cruz is well earned. The Texas Republican had the gall to rail against a Superstorm Sandy relief bill, then claim he “enthusiastically” supported aid for victims in New York and New Jersey years later when his own state needed federal help after Hurricane Harvey. Plus he made attacking “New York values” a recurring theme of his unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign.

Twitter has been having a field day with Navarro putting Cruz in his place. Here’s what they’re saying…

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