Anal Pap Smears At Home


Routine STI screenings cause a mix of reactions in most gay men from “what is that?” to “I just had one last week” to “I’m scared of the cotton swab!” For the latter folks, there may be a new solution coming along in the form of do-it-yourself anal pap smears. There would be no need for doctors or nurses sticking anything anywhere. Just poke the swab up your butt and mail it to the lab.

Medical professionals are excited about the possibility because they think if gay men could test themselves at home, it could drastically reduce the number of annual STI infections.

We love the idea, first and foremost because it will mean there could be less syphilis going around, and second, because we always love cutting out the middle man, especially when he is trying to stick something up our butt.

Anal Pap testing in gay men may cut STIs [Xtra West]