Anal Sex Is For Goyim

Oy!! “A friend and I are planning to organize a party for orthodox Jewish guys in NYC. Be 21-49, nice looking, responsible, in-shape, clean and a mensch. Discretion is the rule. Modern ortho, yeshiva guys, frum, single, married and bi are welcome. Send a reply with HONEST stats and some info, and you will get a reply with information. One word replies will be trashed. Date has not been determined, probably a Sunday in February. Everyone will be underwear or naked. No anal sex will be permitted… Kosher snacks provided.”

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  • GranDiva

    I still dream of having sex with an orthodox rabbi. Damn you, Mandy Patinkin!

  • Dawster

    “no anal sex will be permitted”

    what? haven’t the Jewish people been through enough??

  • lake

    Is this a sex party ad on Queerty? That is disgusting!

  • Amber LeMay

    Hear! Hear!! I agree. It IS disgusting! It’s disgusting because I’m not 21-49, nice looking, responsible, in-shape, clean nor a mensch. Discretion? Humph!

  • hells kitchen guy

    i have seen some Orthodox Jewish guys who were hot – not that many, but some (especially the redheads w/blue eyes – lethal combination!). Kind of a fantasy for me, I guess.

  • Erick

    Well, they are really getting their groove on arent they?

    And Lake, you are not big on sarcasm. Right?

  • Bitch Republic

    The first guy I ever had sex with was a hot 22-year-old orthodox rabbi. I didn’t know you could be a rabbi at only 22… but there he was. He was kinda sweaty from wearing all those layers of clothes, but had a hot body though.

  • Bitch Republic

    That rabbi I had sex with wouldn’t do anal, either. :( Just lots of hot oral and frottage. He was quite good.

  • Paul Raposo

    What are a mensch and a frum?

  • Bitch Republic

    “frum” means devout and a “mensch” is like a hip dude… or as Wikipedia describes it: “A ‘mensch’ is a particularly good person, like ‘a stand-up guy.'”

  • Paul Raposo

    Thanks, BR. Why do Jews have all the cool slang?

  • Tara Lopez

    Porn Star Felicia Tang Murdered by Pastor Boyfriend, Say Cops…

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