And How Did Your DADT Repeal Party Go?

There were Moulin Rouge parties. Soon, stupidly, there will be Burlesque parties. And over the weekend, across the nation, there were Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal parties! Or so I’m guessing, because none of you invited me to a single one.

The DADT repeal party was difficult to pull off, because ’tis the season to have your calendar packed with back-to-pack holiday parties put on by your bosses, your neighbors, your cheating exes. Somehow we were supposed to squeeze in celebrations for gays serving openly in the military — or at least them doing so perhaps next year — with spiked egg nog and glazed ham? That is a lot of the Senate to ask of us!

And while I don’t know where New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was this weekend, but I’m pretty sure she cut loose and threw her bra into a fire.

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    A Few Words of Thanks………..

    To the Democrats: thanks for all voting correctly for a long overdue measure

    To the 8 Republicans who did the right thing: Thanks much for showing that there is a glimmer of hope that the rightwing lunatic agenda does not control all of your party

    To the rightwing lunatic scumbags who have tried every measure to prevent brave Americans who wished nothing more than to serve their country: I thank you the most. Because I know that simple equality for citizens of the United States has caused your holidays to be ruined. So very many of you will be so angered by this vote that your Christmas holidays are absolutly ruined, your dinners will be a vile hatefest discussing how so very upset you are about this vote.

    For this I am so very happy and thank you for an extra special holiday gift, baste in your hatefilled juices scumbags………..

  • Fitz

    I’m very happy for this important step. And I am so filled with vitriol for Obama and the DNC in general that it makes me gag– but I’ll give credit where it is due. I’m glad this happened. I will be even gladder when it’s enacted. The compromised bill lets the military decide when to obey. Because, after all, we have a military that is incapable of following orders.

  • Screaming Queen

    Oh how lovely, I love the smell of rabid hatred in the morning, and the liar calling himself “plays well with others” needs some classes in TACT and HUMILITY. That one’s hatred is so ingrained it couldn’t even say something nice about republicans without a backhanded insult. SOOOOOOOOO TOLERANT! Let’s hope we don’t need those pricks for help again eh?

    I can’t believe the queens haven’t tuned into the real story, those eight republicans. Harry NEVER planned on it passing, it was all carefully orchestrated to make it appear he cared (AGAIN), and the GOP threw a monkey wrench into the sordid mess. HA HA HA! The way I hear it, even the the GOPROUD and LCR didn’t expect that many gop votes. They did it to make Harry look bad, and force this into law…..oh wait, that’s right, The Big O hasn’t signed it yet….hmmmmmmm. That’s rather strange, he ran right over and signed the tax bill the same day it passed, I wonder what the hold up is, it’s two days later……..

    Somebody is getting played, and it certainly isn’t moi’!


    @Screaming Queen: Fuck you bitch……….I am so damm tired of the Gays being the bitch boys of the righwing lunatic fringe. We are the last accepted group where they can toss their vile hatred upon with impunity…go to the other thread and click on the link and see the vile garbage being tossed upon our community……….

  • hotone2me

    @screaming queen and playswellwithothers….

    (Lurelle): Now when you two gonna stop all this fightning?

    (Effie) Stay outta this Lurelle, this is between Deana and me!!

    (Lurelle): Yeah!!! Well its between me too, I as much a part of this group as anybody else and I’m tired.. Effie I’m tired of all the problems you making us!!!

    …. in the famous words or Rodney King… ” Can we all just get along?!!”

    now bask in the glory of VICTORY… We still have work to do!!!

    Next stop… Samesex Marriage!!

  • WilliamG

    Australian service member here. We had a cake with dadt on it in icing. Welcome to the future guys, we’ve been waiting for ya

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