And How Did Your DADT Repeal Party Go?

There were Moulin Rouge parties. Soon, stupidly, there will be Burlesque parties. And over the weekend, across the nation, there were Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal parties! Or so I’m guessing, because none of you invited me to a single one.

The DADT repeal party was difficult to pull off, because ’tis the season to have your calendar packed with back-to-pack holiday parties put on by your bosses, your neighbors, your cheating exes. Somehow we were supposed to squeeze in celebrations for gays serving openly in the military — or at least them doing so perhaps next year — with spiked egg nog and glazed ham? That is a lot of the Senate to ask of us!

And while I don’t know where New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand was this weekend, but I’m pretty sure she cut loose and threw her bra into a fire.