And It Ain’t All Spent on Handbags

gay money

Imagine the buying power of 13 Bill Gates. 13 very gay Bill Gates. That’s the buying power of the gay community this year according to a new study. And that doesn’t even include Tom Cruise (because he’s definitely NOT gay.)

A new report projects that the total buying power of America’s gay population this year will be $641 billion–an increase of $30 billion from 2005. Bob Witeck, president of Witeck-Combs Communications, which issued the report, said that research like this is a key reminder of the importance of the LGBT market, both to corporate America and the LGBT population as a whole. “It’s a confidence figure in our own population to say that we do matter,” Witeck said. “For gays and lesbians in our households, we want to be taken seriously and respectfully. We want to be counted.”

In the end, this may be the most paved road to equality for the GLTB community, considering America’s money above all else philosophy. Let’s just hope companies like Ford continue to appreciate our pocketbooks. We’d hate to see some gay cowboy’s have to drive Chevys.

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