And Now, a Word from Harvey Milk…

Today is International Human Rights Day and while gay teens remain four times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers, hate crime is rising across the globe (especially in the UK and Germany) and only 12 countries include LGBT people in their hate crimes laws, we are making progress.

A doctor in Iraq who was imprisoned just for writing a story about homosexuality was released today. In Iowa, the Supreme Court is deliberating on the issue of gay-marriage.  The New York Police Department is hunting down the killer of Jose Sucuzhanay, a victim of a hate-crime assault this weekend.

A New Jersey commission has told the state that civil unions are not fair and equal and recommending that the legislature adopt gay marriage.  And in Riverside, California gays and lesbians have taken the day off to go to one of the places that voted overwhelmingly for Prop. 8 to help clean-up a local park.

All of this is happening right now, today. Is it enough? No, but it’s progress. To honor and celebrate the day and to remind us that the only way we’ve come so far is to be visible, to refuse to be silenced, we hope you’ll check out this awesome video, set to the words of Harvey Milk.