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And Now the Gay Guy Says You Shouldn’t Announce Your Sexuality Until You Leave Home

Yesterday we harped a bit on heterosexual YouTube personality Onision, for daring to advise young people stay in the closet until they leave home. Or at least to keep quiet the notion that they’re “questioning” their sexuality. Because otherwise they risk alienation from their friends and parents! But now a real-life homosexual is saying basically the same thing!

Ray, the popular vlogger known as BreakingNYC, hands over his channel to William (also a vlogger! who actually meets up with other YouTube users IRL!), whose advice is this: Wait until you’re in college and out of your parents’ house before coming out.

Of which he speaks from experience, having come out at age 14 — and not into a world of roses and rainbows.

(And here these two didn’t think any gays watched Ray’s videos.)