And The Twitterati Responds to Prop 8


KalynM Thank you Jesus!
KalynM As goes California so goes the nation.

fosterbananas is happy that his Cali Gay Marrieds are still married…too bad my falling in love didn’t fit in with the time table ’cause I’m SOL.

bitterlaurel Frustrating to go to and see the CA SC upheld Prop8 AND Obama nominated 3rd woman/1st Hispanic to US SC. How to feel? Sad-happy.

martinboz The #prop8 supporters won thanks to out-of-state money from Mormon funders and the exurban conservatives. That’s the battleground now.
martinboz hates to say it, but I think the #prop8 decision was the right one. This battle has to be won at the voting booth once and for all.

rmiriam Bummer, CA. Really a shame. A damn shame, and a step backward for basic human rights & decency.

ginatrapani Framing my limited edition marriage certificate. WTF Supreme Court? #prop8 15 minutes ago
ginatrapani California upholds Prop 8; my legal marriage (1 of 18,000) stands.

incredimarc I genuinely can’t believe that Prop 8 was upheld. Boo, CA Supreme Court.

Kayla_Lasserre Why exactly was I expecting anything different? I should have known that this country couldn’t have too many advancements in one day.
Kayla_Lasserre Prop 8 upheld 6-1. I actually feel like crying right now. I’m deeply saddened and disappointed.
Kayla_Lasserre Prop 8 UPHELD! Wtf this is just rediculous. But the 18,000 marriages granted are considered legal? Does this make any sense to you all?

jessixcouture Wow..California’s Supreme Court just announced they are upholding Prop8..that goes against everything America stands for