And This, Children, Is How You Use A Treadmill: WATCH


Miss Oscar Aydin and Miss Robert Lozada were up in the gym just a-workin’ on their fitness before New York’s Pride Parade on Sunday. With their hair Erykah Badid up in towel turbans, these two queens put in some serious time on the treadmill, serving ballroom grace and effectively gagging the other patrons at Crunch who had been incorrectly using the equipment all this time.

Let’s all take a minute and learn a few lessons from their pre-Pride workout werqout:

werqout-1Lesson 1: Lean into it.werqout-3

Lesson 2: Put your game down, flip it and reverse it.werqout-5

Lesson 3: Squat it like it’s hot.werqout-4

Lesson 4: Always be twirling.

My only grievance is the lack of a suitable walking heel:


I mean, how else are you going to hit those calf muscles, though?

Check out Oscar and Robert’s instructional video on treadmill catwalking below, and as with any werqout routine, ask your doctor before you begin slaying the children:

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