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And What Are Straight Guys Having Their Pubic Hair Shaped Into?

One guy asked me for a blue whale design. Another wanted me to shave the words ‘Campbell Soup’ into his pubes, because his girlfriend liked Campbell Soup. I was like, ‘No way, dude!’ Then there are the guys who come for the pain. The sadists. I mean, to each his own, but the problem is, their hair gradually thins out and they become desensitized, so it starts to hurt less, and they need more.

—A female hair waxing clinician, describing the pubic area requests from her straight male clientele [via]

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  • EdWoody

    Someone who enjoys their own pain is a masochist, not a sadist. But then you don’t expect intelligence from a man who makes his business out of pubic hair.

  • Jack

    @EdWoody: A man? Queerty attributes the quote to a ‘female hair waxing clinician’…

    Sorry, what were you saying about intelligence?

  • L.

    @Jack: Poetic irony, isn’t it? :)


    To me pubes are such a hot part of the whole seduction, starting with the happy trail……. the slow pulling down of the underwear to show the tops of the pubes, slowly sliding the underwear down as everything gets revealed…..When you keep pullin the underwear down and keep seein’ lots of plain ole skin something is missing………Aside from the whole creepiness of the kiddie diddlin implications of a non pubic hair bearing partner it just looks weird……

    The weird part is that it seemed to be more of a straight boy obsession rather than Gays…….Fortunately the shavin ‘o the pubes seems to be losing its popularity based on the guys in the gym. For a while it loked like I was back in elementary school showering with all the dudes with bare balls :P

  • lizcivious

    As a straight female, I sure wish this whole obsession with no pubic hair would stop for both sexes. I love male body hair and don’t even want to see a guy trim anything. I agree with Plays Well that it is definitely part of the seduction thrill. As someone with sensitive skin, I find the waxing process barbaric and wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Why can’t we appreciate each other’s bodies? Body hair is part of being an adult and being an adult is sexy. I love men and find nothing squeamish about what’s natural on their bodies. I’m not real fond of a back covered in fur, but I wouldn’t ask some guy to get rid of the hair on my account. If he’s hot otherwise, then it shouldn’t matter.

  • concernedcitizen

    Nothing worse than giving head and getting a pube hair stuck in the throat or between the teeth. If not waxed AT LEAST trim the bush IMO!!!

  • Daez

    @lizcivious: I agree with you. As a gay male, I get very sicky of seeing hairless guys. I normally don’t even look at hairless guys; although, there are some cute hairless guys.

  • ryan

    To each his own! I just can’t stand any sort of hair on my guy’s body. Pubic hair are tolerable if they are not too thick. But hair on chest, back, face are a straight no-no. Well, you can say, I like em young ;)

  • jake

    natural pubic hair on men is very sexy.

  • karen

    Thats kind of funny

  • Sluggo2007

    I can’t stand a bald dick. Want some pubes.

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