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And What Did The Tribe Do To Survivor: Nicaragua‘s Homophobe Shannon Elkins?

With the Real World: New Orleans having closed up shop, we thought reality TV might be without a homophobe for some time to come. But then there was Shannon Elkins (a dude, btw) on Survivor: Nicaragua, indicating that he would bravely fill that role. And during last night’s episode he lived up to expectations. (Spoilers ahead.)

If you aren’t watching the show you won’t care much about the intra-tribal feuds going on, but let’s just say Shannon managed at tribal council to run his mouth, piss everyone off, and out teammate Sash — who, for what it’s worth, insists he’s a big heterosexual and major bachelor in NYC, a place that is “full of a bunch of a gay people,” insists Shannon, a Louisiana native.

Looks like the strategy didn’t work too well for our dear Shannon. And now reality TV is without a homophobe again. Pisses me off!

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