And What Tragic Feud Will The Marriage Ref‘s First Gay Couple Make Us Endure?

NBC’s unwatchable felony pleasure The Marriage Ref is bringing on the gays. And of course, because Jerry Seinfeld’s program is going to have famous persons recommend solutions for a homosexual marriage, it must include homosexuals! And the straight women who love them! Oh, and stereotypes!

Kathy Griffin and Nathan Lane will tell Florida’s Michael Wigh and David Salinero, who have been together for nearly seven years, how to save their relationship. Which is in peril because of a … life-size Betty Boop character that David insists on keeping in the kitchen, and which Michael can’t stand. (Do we really need an entire show to insist David gets rid of Betty?)

We’d feel a little slighted that the first time Ref includes a gay couple it centers around such a foolish and stereotypical icon — What, you don’t have a gay uncle with a Betty magnet on the fridge? — but then we remembered the straight couple where the wife accused her husband of being too prissy, and all is right with the world.