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And What Will Sharon Lettman Be Doing at the NBJC?


Because you want to know who your activist leaders are: The National Black Justice Coalition, which is all about racism and homophobia, today “announced that they have chosen Sharon J. Lettman as the organization’s new Executive Director.” The Florida resident succeeds five-year exec director Alexander Robinson and interim director Dr. Sylvia Rhue. “What has always drawn me to this work, and to the people I’ve been proud to stand alongside, is the knowledge that we must work together to create the better future we seek,” Lettman says in a statement, “In my new role at NBJC that means lifting the voices of our community, building bridges so that all who experience discrimination can understand the common ground we share, and walking across those bridges together in greater and greater numbers toward equal rights for all.” Boy, do we have a first phone call for you to make.

Oh, did we mention Ms. Lettman is straight?