And When Did B. Scott Realize He’s Gay?

If there is one person who can stare at B. Scott’s reflection in the mirror longer than B. Scott, it’s me! But alas, he doesn’t like my kind. Which is fine, because listening to his coming out story, I’ve come to terms that we’ll never be together.

Wherein B. Scott Goes On Tyra To Tell New Yorkers They Dress Like Crap
It’s The B. Scott Anthem, Bitch

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  • concernedcitizen

    WOW sophomore in college really!?! Never would have guessed, not to be offensive but I just assumed that everyone always knew with him!!!

  • Black Pegasus

    @concernedcitizen: I agree! Here is a man who wears make-up and mascara and he wants me to believe he
    wasn’t sucking cock before college?

    Bitch Puhlease!

  • adman

    This guy is what a beautiful femme man can do for masculinity..I want to see him in a suit and tie, with great tailoring, and the sexy as hell face, keep the long hair..damn. I bet he has the hottest long legs. Anyway he came out all at once as a sophomore? OK, I get it, I’ve known guys like that. Usually they come from very traditional families and just sort of assume the role they play in their mind (in his case straight guy) means their experience is identical to other straight guys, in terms of the inner life. They are taught to assume that their thoughts equal the same thoughts that other straight men have. There was a time when it would baffle me, since I knew I was gay when I reached the age of reason, at what 5? 6 maybe?..I knew I liked men and when I found out that meant I was gay I just understood. Different strokes and all that, everyone has their own experience.

  • hdot

    @Black Pegasus: what’s your point? I didn’t have sex until I was in college either. but good for you reinforcing stereotypes about gays being promiscuous or all about the sex.

  • Black Pegasus

    @hdot: No I wasn’t “reinforcing” any stereotype! I was speaking “SPECIFICALLY” about B. Scott, NOT any other Gay Man or Woman.

    and BTW: My first encounter was at 19yrs old in college, partly because I was somewhat shy, and didn’t understand my sexuality during my high school years.

    B. Scott on the other hand, is a Flamboyant Queen who wants me to believe he was so DL and so Masculine during his teens that the thought of SEX with a MAN never crossed his Mind…

    I’m calling Bullshit on that!

  • hdot

    @Black Pegasus: I’ve seen that kat in person; he’s only recently, like within the last 2 years gone extra extra with the androgyny. he hasn’t always been like that. you can’t really assume somebody who is dang near 30 was that same way at 18, 19.

  • T

    …yeah right! I need a picture of him in college to believe this.

  • hdot

    @T: lemme get right on that! cause it’s important to prove things to anonymous people on the internet.

  • Tartuffe

    Wait, so you dropped pre-med because you wanted to be gay?

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