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And Why Wouldn’t Tony Perkins Get to Testify About Elena Kagan?

Tony Perkins, the president of a hate group that seeks to demonize an entire group of Americans, will testify later this week about the fitness of Elena Kagan’s moral character, or something. He’s listed as a “minority witness” and will testify after Kagan wraps up her own remarks before lawmakers. And given Kagan has already told Sen. Jeff Sessions that she has “repeatedly said that the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy is unwise and unjust,” there’s plenty for Perkins to go after.

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    Absolute fucking bullshit! The confirmation hearings are supposed to determine the candidates qualifications for the SCOTUS. Not as a sounding board for a biased individual with a specific agenda against a group of citizens. How the fuck can the Democrats in the majority allow this to happen????? Allowing the repugnaticans to turn this into an absolute debacle??? Thought we were done with this madness with the George Reekers charade…………When the fuck will these vile, reprehensive scumbags simple let us live our lives????????

  • stevenelliot

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: they will let us live our lives when there is no more money to be made by our suppression and misery

  • Samwise

    Wow. This sounds like a recipe for national embarrassment.

  • alan brickman

    Out his “luggage lifters” now!!!!

  • christopher di spirito

    Never heard of such a thing before.

    I don’t recall liberal “minority” witnesses testifying when right wingers Samuel Alito or John Roberts were nominated to the High Court? I guess I was on vacation those weeks.

  • Cam

    Ok, so this guy doesn’t know her, knows nothing about her life and yet will be there to testify on her moral character. I want to know which Senator put him on the list and what the exact reasoning is for this. State his qualifications as to why you believe he is qualified as an expert witness on the character of somebody he knows nothing about.

  • Chuck

    When is this closet queen going to join his buddy George Rekkers and be outed. Quit projecting your self hatred on the world just because you were bullied in school because your parents named you after a gay actor.

  • Baxter

    @christopher di spirito: You must have been on vacation that week, because just glancing through the list of witnesses for the Roberts hearing I see the president of Planned Parenthood, the president of the National Women’s Law Center, and a former democratic administrator for the EPA. Having random witnesses from liberal/conservative groups espousing liberal/conservative ideas at hearings isn’t a new thing.

  • ewe

    Perkins should be immediately silenced and dismissed if he dare to bring up the sexual orientation of anyone other than himself. Why that shit is even allowed in to do anything other than observe is obviously due to a sinister group of powerful homophobes that must be addressed. If he brings up homosexuality other than “dont ask dont tell”, i sincerely hope that the panel starts asking him about his own sexual orientation and more importantly get extremely personal with him before lauging him out of our secular government and back into his hateful temple.

  • B

    No. 5 · christopher di spirito wrote, “I don’t recall liberal ‘minority’ witnesses testifying when right wingers Samuel Alito or John Roberts were nominated to the High Court”

    Liberals have more respect for the process, I guess.

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