"I can't wait to see Hugh Jackman ... and his huge ackman"

And Your Oscar Host Is …

The wearer of Broadway’s most glittery pants, Hugh Jackman. He’ll host the 81st Academy Awards, which producers were looking for a Cary Grant or Clark Gable type to bring back old Hollywood.

Add the LAT: “Jackman seems to be an inspired choice. He’s the “it” guy of the moment, having recently been given the full star build-up by Fox in anticipation of the release of “Australia” and even more recently been named People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive.” He’s multi-talented (acts, sings, dances) and well liked within the industry. And he would appeal across all sorts of demographics: he tackled the stage in “The Boy from Oz” (2003-2004) and became Broadway’s darling, winning a Tony; he was introduced to moviegoing women in a rom-com, “Kate and Leopold” (2001), earning a Golden Globe nod; and he picked up his guy’s-guy credentials in the “X-Men” films (2000, 2003, 2006), each of which topped the box-office. And, while “Australia” has been a critical and commercial disappointment, he gave an endearing performance and has escaped most of the blame.”

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  • Bob

    I totally would cheat on my hubby for a crack at that super-sexy man.

  • Jade T

    It could be worse. Justin Timberlake, anyone ?

  • DavidOnTheMedia

    Really, JT and HJ in the same conversation? Shirley you jest . . .

  • DavidOnTheMedia

    HJ is a metro-stud, can’t wait!

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Thank you. Thank you, for taking down that tacky Gaydar wallpaper. It was like looking at day-glow colors that keep flashing at you, long after you have taken your eyes off it. Never have I loved the color of gray more. ;-)

  • Greg

    Thank you indeed! I can understand having ads on the blog, but wallpaper ads are just plain ridiculous. It reminded me of Myspace, and trust me, you don’t want to become myspace.

  • Pragmatist

    Man, I *really* don’t understand all the hullabaloo over this guy. Sexiest man alive? I just don’t think he’s very attractive at all (and I have a pretty wide range of tastes in men). The whole thing seems like some kind of mass delusion created by the entertainment industry.

    He does have a nice accent, though.

  • C R

    HJ really is an amazing person. One moment he’s a massive, snarling muscle beast, the next, he’s a suave, debonair leading man. I fell especially in love with him after his performance in the 2004 Tony Awards.


  • DavidOnTheMedia

    Pragmatist – – – Go see HJ in Australia, you will do a 180, gaurenteed.

  • ggreen

    Saw HJ in LA last year his skin looks like a Louis Vuitton handbag. He needs saddle soap not moisturizer. He was cruising some very good-looking guy at the Grove and acting guilty. From a far away he is handsome and has a big head (hallmark of movie stars).

  • chuck


    “His skin looks like a Louis Vuitton handbag”

    That’s funny. lol

  • topsyturvy8

    i just hope he recreates the shower scene from australia LIVE onstage. or at least comes out in those tight jeans from the movie.

  • Woof

    @C R: I have never seen this, but it was freaking brilliant! His leg kicks were great!

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