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Anderson Cooper Does Dance, But Only When Nobody (Besides Madonna) Is Looking


Anderson Cooper is known for being a brat about dancing. Even though his boyfriend owns a freakin’ gay bar, the American hero continually refuses custom on Ellen DeGeneres’ television show, and merely walk out on to the stage, instead of getting those hips to lie. But at Madonna‘s Oscar party at manager Guy Oseary’s manse, Cooper finally hit the dance floor.

Somewhere in between showing off boyfriend Ben Maisani at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, Cooper hit up Oseary’s, where even Madge was wreckin’ it for hours. And then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: “At one point, the music mogul stopped the music and said that unless Anderson Cooper started dancing, he wouldn’t play any more music,” reports People. “Luckily, the CNN anchor quickly hit the dance floor!”

Yes, but was it with Maisani, or did the Vanderbilt bloodline sway awkwardly to the Black Eyed Peas by himself?

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