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Anderson Cooper Gets Stoic When Right-Wingers Lie About Obama’s Luxury Travel Plans

Rachel Maddow wasn’t the only cable news homosexual pissed off about the right-wing lying spree that’s pushing a story about President Obama spending $200 million a day to visit India (traveling with 2-3,000 people and booking 870 hotel rooms and redirecting 34 war ships). Anderson Cooper called out the usual suspects (Rush Limbaugh, Mike Savage, Rep. Michele Bachmann), as did Press Sec. Robert Gibbs and Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell. He’s so cute when he’s keeping them honest! And with Keith Olbermann suspended from MSNBC (!) over political donations, who else is gonna do it?

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  • Syl

    Um, how is it a lying spree to point out that Obama’s trip is positively exhorbitant, and only adds to his image of Marie-Antoinette-like disconnect from the people at a time of record unemployment and a piss-poor economy?

    Yes, of course the White House has denied the $200 million a day price tag of the trip, but until they reveal the real cost (probably even higher), that’s what I’ll stick with.

    It’s ridiculous. Fucking Romanov bullshit.

  • edgyguy1426

    WTF is Gibb’s job for if he never “can go into details”?

  • Kieran

    So exactly how much is this trip costing Anderson? How about a little investigative reporting? Enquiring taxpayers want to know.

  • reason

    The United States acquires trillions of dollars from overseas, I think our relationship with the rest of the world is important. If the United States wants to get weapons contracts, civilian nuclear contracts, financial, chemical, and a host of other contracts in foreign countries it requires good relations. Deals are made by presidents like the 60 billion dollars arms contracts to Saudi. The hoopla over this like usual is being drummed up by uneducated morons like Rush Limbaugh who literally flunked everything he took in college and was booted out after two semesters. Now he exploits people that are clearly dumber then him. Anyone that believes a presidential trip is costing 200 million a day and diverting 34 warships is dumber then a bag of bricks.

  • Ray

    Anderson’s been going after lots of conservative lies and liars lately. I love it.

  • Bruno

    @Syl: You’ll stick with the $200 million price tag? That pretty much eliminates you from any logical conversation on the matter.

  • synnerman

    Syl, go back to freeperland.

  • tjr101

    @Syl: You need a detox from the Faux News Kool Aid

  • whatever

    @Syl: You sound really fucking stupid, no offense.

  • Alex

    @Syl: you must be either a troll or crazy! mr cooper just clearly demonstrated that the $200mil/day figure is a ridiculous lie.

  • ArtMan

    I don’t understand the Obama HATE on this site. Did Bush or Reagan sleep at Budget Inn during their Presidential trips? No, they did not! What’s your problem with him really “QUEERTY”? Stop beating around the bush…..

    Do you believe that the Republicans will support gays if they take office? Or do you have hatred for Obama as a person? Your passive aggressive “Drop and run opinion” is lame. Please tell me? I would like to know.

  • Ryan

    Anderson is just too awesome for words.

  • Bobby in Seattle

    Who, in America, isn’t already familiar with the lies that emanate from the Conservative/republican Echo Chamber of Rhetoric?

    I know I am…

    If it spews from the mouth of a conservative, it’s not true until proven by multiple sources. And those sources cannot be just Faux Noise.

  • TheInsider

    Keeping them honest Anderson? Well, how about starting with yourself?

  • Lefty

    OMG, how can anyone concentrate on the news when it’s being delivered by Anderson Cooper!?
    I’ve watched that clip four times and I’ve still no idea what it’s about.
    We just get fuglies reading the news in the UK.
    Life sucks.

  • amber

    I love Anderson Cooper!

  • James

    Although using an unnamed source for this kind of story has little excuse, it is not the same as “lying.”

    Also, Anderson using a pricetag for Clinton’s visit to Africa isn’t convincing. That was 12 years ago and with a different president. Besides, Clinton was downright humbled compared to Obama.

  • JohnnyTrue

    Yeah – there are some real nutjobs commenting on here. If any Dem would have asked about Bush’s travels he or she would have gotten zero play out of it. But they just lay the lies on thick about Obama – and the little rightwing yes men just jump on all the news sited possible to amplify it. Boo.

  • rrr

    @James: He said the figure was adjusted for inflation, which would take care of the time difference. The fact it was a different president does not mean much, the expenses on an official trips like these are going to be pretty standard. Clinton’s trip was longer and he brought along a lot of people. Anderson is basing his speculation on legitimate information. The conservative pundits are reporting made up bull as facts and wild fantasies as important speculation.

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