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Anderson Cooper Hides Benjamin Maisani In Plain Sight At Mardi Gras

OH SNAP — Oh looks, it’s Anderson Cooper and his beau Benjamin Maisani at Endymion’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans, which had been bumped to Sunday because of the weather. Cooper and gal pal Kelly Ripa served as grand marshals, an honor that entitled them to throw out anal beads to the audience.

Now if we were children, we’d make some comment about the phallic way Anderson is holding this tubing. But we’re not. We’re adults.

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  • Roy

    The New York Daily News actually labeled Ben as Anderson’s BOYFRIEND when they attended the Vanity Fair Oscar Party a week ago – that’s something that only Queerty, Gawker and Village Voice have dared to do – most articles will only refer to Ben as AC’s “friend”, “pal” or “companion”. I suppose it means Anderson’s getting closer to coming out? Or maybe he won’t because Ben is at his side so much, all you need to do is put two and two together to know AC’s a gay man with a longtime partner.

  • niles

    Oooh, what a scoop! (sarcasm)

  • rrr

    When you and the guy you are known to be dating are riding as a pair along with celebrity couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos on the grand float of a major parade in front of crowds and cameras I don’t believe it is called “hiding in plain sight”. More like “existing as a couple in public”.

  • divkid

    @niles:”Oooh, what a scoop! (sarcasm)”

    i just luuuurve the clever kind of sarcasm that only works by referencing the fact it is such! (sarcasm)

  • Cam

    @rrr: said..

    I don’t believe it is called “hiding in plain sight”. More like “existing as a couple in public”.”

    No, existing as a couple in plain site is when he brings him to a red carpet event and talks with him on camera.

    That said, nice to see that he is bringing him to the events.

  • Darren

    Anderson Cooper IS out!

  • suzygoo

    What do you mean his beau? That is not a picture of me on that float. Mr. Cooper better not be cheating on moi. I am sooooo giving someone a bitch slap when he gets home!

  • Harbo

    It can’t be easy being Anderson Cooper. It’s damned of you do and damned if you don’t.

  • Charles

    Anderson Cooper isn’t “out” to the public at large, and that’s what an out celebrity ought to mean. If you live in small town America as I do, just ask people about it. As your family or co-workers or whoever if Anderson Cooper is married or dating anyone. You’ll find out quickly most don’t even know he’s gay, much less dating anyone.

  • Jeffree

    @Charles: Who are you to define what being “out” means? He lives with another man, he goes into public with that man, his friends and family all know. Does he need to appear on the cover of People magazine saying “I’m gay!” to satisfy you?

    Are you out to the “public at large”? Are you out to the lady at the grocery store who bags your goodies? Your dòctor needs to know you’re gay but did you tell your neighbor you only see once a year?

  • divkid

    @Jeffree: my handsome friend as ever i agree with you.
    btw i luuurve how you’re rocking the accented letters. continental, no?. tres chic.

    but duh! people what does the man have to say! didn’t anderson already make it abundantly clear?
    and on LIVE tv too,
    like, um, here:

  • Larry

    Anderson may be out to family and friends, but most people aren’t going to recognize that he has a boyfriend unless he says it – in some people’s minds, Benjamin is merely a friend or even a bodyguard. It’s his choice to do whatever he wants with his life, but I don’t think most people know he’s gay. He doesn’t even hint at being attracted to anyone or make the most minor reference to dating, etc. I still see a lot of people on line expressing shock when they happen to find out he’s gay. He’s not out like Maddow/NPH/Rosie/Ellen/Chris Colfer/Jessie Tyler Ferguson/Clay Aiken/Nate Berkus/Ricky Martin/Elton John are. It will be a huge deal when he FINALLY is and I think everyone knows it, but that’s up to him. The tip toeing around his status will end when and if he says it.

  • Jeffree

    @Divkid: So now we have to compete for AC’s body +and+ the beautiful mind of Queerty’ wordmeister DanielV? Game on!

    The accented letters pop up randomly, like I do [move the orchids I sent you away from your window, look down on the street. See the guy with the night goggles? It’s me. Stunning, aint i? In a good way.). Share some coffee?

    Or those letters could just be there to bypass this site’s fickle mooderation filter which flàgs posts that don’t even have “knotty” words. I’m very clean. Even my GP will attest to that!

  • justiceontherocks

    @Charles: What do you want him to do, sponsor the Anderson Is Gay NASCAR team?

    When people in the entertainment business “come out” people assume it’s because they have a book to sell or their career is on life support. The impact isn’t very great any more.

    Maybe AC is one of those people who is content to live his life without shouting his personal business from the rooftops. As long as he isn’t lying about anything, why should we care?

  • closet is bad

    “As long as he isn’t lying about anything, why should we care?”

    Because Anderson Cooper wouldn’t hide a relationship with a woman.

    Hiding relationship with a man = “gay is not OK” message.

  • justiceontherocks

    @closet is bad: You don’t know that he wouldn’t hide his relationship with a woman. You don’t know that at all. Many people think their relationships are private.

    If you’re really worried about Cooper sending an anti-gay message, you worry too much.

  • closet is bad

    “Charles: Who are you to define what being “out” means?”

    Stop playing stupid,

    we all know what being out means and Anderson Cooper is still in the closet.

  • closet is bad

    “You don’t know that he wouldn’t hide his relationship with a woman.”

    Yes, I do.

    Anderson Cooper shared his thoughts about his brother’s suicide and that is 100 times more private.

  • Oprah

    [email protected]

    “I suppose it means Anderson’s getting closer to coming out? ”

    Yes, actually you suppose right.LOL Keep me posted on all AC and his boyfriends out goings. :)

  • Chitown Kev

    @closet is bad:

    Janet Jackson hid a marriage until she was divorced (although, yes, we knew that they were “dating”.)

  • divkid

    @Jeffree: lolz!

    coffee is *okay*, but wouldn’t you prefer a nice chianti and some fava beans?
    i guess that means i’ll have to supply the offal.

    oooh! oooh! we could invite anderson over!
    or maybe he’ll just rock up anyway
    – with a satellite truck, behind yards of yellow tape.

    one of us would look lovely in chalk outline.
    which one?
    stay tuned.

    whoa! this has has taken a dark turn haha.

  • justiceontherocks

    @closet is bad: Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But the bottom line is that AC’s sexual orientation is none of your business.

  • Martin

    Anderson showed a video of him on the float at Mardi Gras on his show last night. Needless to say that Ben was nowhere to be found in the Mardi Gras video he chose to show on the air.

  • Harbo

    All I can say is Benjamin Maisani is one lucky man. Just imagine waking up to that in the morning. Andsrson is adorable. And I don’t care whater he’s out or not.

  • Curt

    Just because a person doesn’t make an annoucement to a bunch of strangers does not mean he’s in the closet! Does anyone on here make an annoucement about their personal life to strangers, just to do it? come on.. some people need to get real… Obviously we know Ac is gay and goes out and about with he’s bf and friends…

  • Yorban

    I’m more surprised a WASP like Cooper is going with a guy with the name Benjamin Maisani? What ethnicity is that anyway? (Generations of Vanderbilts must be turning in their graves).

  • Roy

    @Yorban, I believe Benjamin is Corsican/French. Prior to AC dating this guy, he used to sometimes be linked to a Latino/black man named Cesar, but apparently their relationship wasn’t nearly as serious. Gloria Vanderbilt has been known to date or be very close to black men like Gordon Parks and Bobby Short in the past, so I don’t think there’s a problems.

  • r

    You could also see Ben stepping out of the camera’s view when Anderson was interviewing Lady Gaga in London (aired on 60 Minutes). It’s time for Anderson to stop being coy and just admit who he really is.

  • Yorban

    Roy : Thanks for the info. I guess Corsican/French is acceptable. And I know Gloria was good friends with (gay) Bobby Short. (Still though that means Maisani might be….oh no…Catholic! But the Mardis Gras thing is already Catholic, anyway, so…) Oh well, the original Vanderbilt couldn’t read or write, anyway, so….I guess some of the original bluebloods were pretty trashy anyway.

  • tjr101

    Don’t you guys figure for a sec that maybe it’s AC’s boyfriend that is hiding and doesn’t want the attention? That is possible you know and they are both entitled to having a private life.

    AC is out to those close to him and his sexuality is no ones damn business. Some people just need to get a life!

  • JJ

    No I dont think thats possible. Ben owns two gay bars.

  • Zack

    “I’m a big old gay, and I own a little gay bar

    That’s how Ben described himself in an interview about Bedlam. But he, like Anderson, appears to be a very private person.

  • mk


    Anderson showed a video of him on the float at Mardi Gras on his show last night. Needless to say that Ben was nowhere to be found in the Mardi Gras video he chose to show on the air.

    No really. He wasn’t the one who introduced the footage from the event and there was no one on the float in that footage not even Anderson, it was shot from the perspective of someone on the float looking down at the street. The still image they showed of Anderson on the float looked like it could have included Ben since there were a number of figures clustered around Anderson who was a glowing white blob on the poor quality shot.

  • Martin

    @MK, you couldn’t have seen the footage he showed last night. Anderson is clearly seen on the float (the shot was taken from someone watching the parade) and he is not formally dressed, he’s wearing jeans and a sweater and he’s holding the beads. Anderson was even pointing himself out on the float as he watched the video and spoke to Isha. Kelly Ripa is next to him and there are 4 other men on the float that can be seen and none of them are Ben.

  • Dan

    Ben is hot, good for AC! And they both look nice in matching suits.

  • Tom

    There are rumors floating around that Anderson’s man Benjamin is a racist. THAT would be a good reason for AC to keep him hidden.

  • Carmen Hardy

    Whose business is it? He doesn’t owe it to the world to tell what he does behind closed doors. Nobody does. MYOB. Sheesh.

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