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Anderson Cooper is double dipping and it’s taking our minds off the ‘Sunday scaries’

Anderson Cooper in a dark suit on the red carpet
credit: Shutterstock

No matter how fabulous your Friday and Saturday may be, many of us become inundated with an impending feeling of dread and anxiety by the time Sunday afternoon or early evening roll around.

Often referred to as the “Sunday scaries,” these unsettling emotions usually arise due to thoughts of all the pending tasks, deadlines, meetings, or difficult bosses we will have to deal with during the week ahead.

Overindulging in Sunday Funday or binging the latest HBO sensation are common remedies that help take our minds off the full horror of Monday morning. Well, now Anderson Cooper is adding his dreamy blue eyes to the mix of soothing tonics to keep the Sunday scaries at bay.

As if he wasn’t busy enough anchoring his daily CNN show Anderson Cooper 360°, being a correspondent on CBS’ long-running series 60 Minutes, hosting his All There Is podcast, and raising two children, the 55-year-old will now spearhead a new Sunday night newsmagazine show on CNN entitled The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper.

Cooper will host and executive produce the one-hour program that will feature investigative pieces, character-driven profiles, interviews, and deep-dives into essential stories from around the world.

CNN shared a glimpse of what viewers can expect by revealing some of the initial topics will include: the political and social issues presently affecting the city of San Francisco, a behind-the-scenes look at King Charles’ coronation, and the current controversy and vitriol surrounding transgender athletes.

No doubt Cooper’s handsome visage will help some of these tough stories go down a little easier as the weekend slips away.

Though we’re all for more Cooper on our screens, his new gig could pose to be a bit problematic as The Whole Story now stands to be in direct competition with 60 Minutes, which he’s been a part of since 2007.

While he’s been sharing duties on both networks for years, this is the first time he’ll be appearing on both CNN and CBS every week on Sunday evenings. The two shows will also vie for similar audiences and cover comparable topics. Drama!

The Sunday showdown has 60 Minutes at 7 p.m. on CBS, while The Whole Story will premiere on CNN at 8 p.m., beginning April 16.

But it looks like Cooper’s undeniable charm has worked its magic again, a source tells The Hollywood Reporter his new CNN show won’t impact his role at CBS. Everybody loves Coop!

Luckily, fans don’t have to wait until April to get more of Anderson Cooper ingested into their eyeballs as these curated Insta snaps are here to take the scaries away any day of the week: