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Anderson Cooper Let His Boyfriend See Daylight at the Oscars

Usually trapped behind a public veil of un-acknowledgment and elephants in rooms, Anderson Cooper‘s boyfriend Benjamin Maisani made his big debut at Vanity Fair‘s Oscar party. But miraculously, his name managed to escape the photo agency’s captions.

The Getty-owned WireImage agency took this picture of Cooper, the Seinfelds, and the back of what appears to be Maisani’s head in what is the closest thing to visual confirmation of the pair attending together. The arrival of the CNN newsman and the East Village gay bar owner together is a milestone because the party was a “very public event,” notes Brian Moylan. Which is true, in a sense: All eyes are on the party, and there’s a massive photo dump going on in real-time as photographers snap away at guest arrivals and such, uploading pictures to WireImage’s servers before offloading them to and other high bidders.

But truly, the Vanity Fair Oscar party is like Fort David on marching powder: Security is insanely tight, legit invites terribly difficult to come by, and the only way to get guaranteed access to the event is to marry editor Graydon Carter. Or win an Oscar.

But hey, congrats on becoming this year’s Vanity Fairies.