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Anderson Cooper Locking Down Daytime Talk Show

With one of cable news’ lowest rated shows, what’s Anderson Cooper to do about a television career? While he has yet to expire his welcome at CNN, Cooper is already plotting his next move: a synidcated daytime talker.

The deal, which THR says is thisclose to being signed, would have Cooper executive producing and starring in the syndicated program, which would go beyond the hard news of 360 and engage in more fluff (just like 360 sometimes does!) to bring in pop culture and social issues.

Because Cooper is still under contract at CNN, his Time Warner bosses have a say in the deal — and they want him to continue hosting 360, which means he’d be pulling double duty. And there goes all his free time to flirt with Kelly Ripa on Regis & Kelly. And while Cooper has toyed with a talk show format on 360, his path would be a veritable reverse of Katie Couric’s latest career path, going from smiling everywoman to national newscaster.