Anderson Cooper, Power Gays Take Fire At Obama Administration Over Vague Position On Gay Rights

Anderson Cooper has taken a shot at the Obama administration in the wake of some backtracking on Joe Biden‘s strong pro-marriage comments by campaign officials like Jay Carney and David Axelrod. Carney and Axelrod have advanced the proposition that Biden’s position is “precisely” the same as President Obama’s, and that they both support “full legal rights” for LGBT individuals—without naming the m-word, of course.

“Keeping him honest, though, the president’s position on marriage is anything but precise,” counters Anderson Cooper in his “Keeping Them Honest” segment. “But that’s not currently the case, even in states where same-sex marriage is allowed, and it’s certainly not President Obama’s position. There’s no federal recognition of same-sex marriage. Therefore, same-sex couples don’t share all the rights heterosexual couples do.”

Interesting criticism from a news anchor and talk-show host whose stated position on his own sexuality is “anything but precise.” Just “keepin’ ya honest,” Andy. But thanks for defending our community. Perhaps one day you shall decide to join the family!

The White House isn’t just getting nailed by the mainstream media, either—some very wealthy power gays and their allies are withholding donations from Obama because they’re so miffed by the administration’s lack of action on an executive order that would support gays in the workplace.

Reports the Washington Post‘s Greg Sargent:

Some leading gay and progressive donors are so angry over President Obama’s refusal to sign an executive order barring same sex discrimination by federal contractors that they are refusing to give any more money to the pro-Obama super PAC, a top gay fundraiser’s office tells me. In some cases, I’m told, big donations are being withheld.

While it’s doubtful Obama will endorse gay marriage on the federal level before the election, perhaps these power plays will force him to at least acknowledge publicly how far along, precisely, his evolution has come.