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Anderson Cooper reveals just how much of his fortune he’ll leave to his son

“I don’t believe in passing on huge amounts of money. I don’t know what I’ll have… don’t intend to have some sort of pot of gold for my son.. .college will be paid for and then you’ve got to get on it.”

He previously told Howard Stern in 2014:

I don’t believe in inheriting money. My [mom, Gloria Vanderbilt] made it clear to me that there’s no trust fund. There’s none of that… I think it’s an initiative sucker.

I knew enough to know that I didn’t want to associate with [the money]… you would read online that my mom had 200 million dollars and I was going to inherit all that and none of that was true and it was a very interesting perspective for people to believe that about me and not say anything about it.”— Newsman Anderson Cooper speaking on the Morning Meeting podcast about how he’s choosing to raise his 17-month-old son, Wyatt.