Anderson Cooper Says He Just Needed a Sidekick

It’s tough out there for a talk show host, but Anderson Cooper has an idea that might have saved his daytime program. While reflecting on the demise of Anderson Live Cooper says he’s had fun developing a new set of skills, but he’d have been more comfortable emulating the format of Live With Kelly and Michael, rather than hosting solo a la Oprah.

As the show struggled for ratings, it was given a makeover during its second season, including a name change and a new set. In an unfortunate coincidence the series was cancelled just as it began to hit its stride when Cooper enlisted close pals such as Andy Cohen and Kathy Griffin to guest as co-hosts.

“I really wanted a sidekick from the get-go,” Cooper tells The Hollywood Reporter. “That was something I really regret and we kind of realized early on, but you know, we weren’t able to make the change until the second year.”

Still, the recent GLAAD Award-winner describes the experience was “absolutely worthwhile,” adding, “I like learning new things and I like developing new skill sets and I like challenging myself in different ways, and I think the daytime show has done that, you know?”

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  • northwest

    He also needed better topics, there was too much focus on boring reality show characters, hidden camera investigations and anything deemed “outrageous” or “extreme”. The show often seemed like just a promotional vehicle for his producer’s TLC/Discovery shows or Andy Cohen’s “Housewives” franchise. There were few adult topics. The bright spot was that Anderson was funnier, relaxed and comfortable about showing just how gay he was after he came out and that was the part of the show I’ll miss.

  • QJ201

    I think he and Kathy should do something a la “Live with Kelly and Michael” but a tad more serious and edgy. A three segment kinda show…topical/news to open, Celebrity PR tour guest, and closing with host’s choice/human interest stuff.

  • tdx3fan

    No, what he needs is the ability to lead interviews with his brain instead of his penis. To let someone such as Salmon sit across the desk from you and not call him on his bullshit is pathetic. His job, as an entertainer, is to call people on their bullshit not to report the news.

  • stanhope

    Well Kathy Griffin just got cancelled. I think an Anderson Cooper/Kathy Griffin show on cable where the restrictions are less would be dynamite. She was too much solo and he wasn’t enough solo. The combination; tremendous. Anderson was more relaxed on his own show but it was somewhat too gay for afternoon television. I also agree with the earlier comment that better subjects would be helpful.

  • balehead

    This aging troll has gotten so boring….

  • balehead

    Anderson Cooper proves being gay is not a talent…..

  • Bellerophon69

    I was quite surprised to hear he was cancelled, as were the 10-15 little elderly ladies at the Assisted Living home where I work who watched him religiously. Guess Nielsen Ratings doesn’t poll that demographic very much!

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