Anderson Cooper Sings “Happy Birthday” To Himself In The Men’s Room Every Day

Habit: Anderson Cooper has revealed that every time he washes his hands he sings Happy Birthday - twice. By doing so, he spends enough time washing his hands to get rid of flu germs

We’ve heard of coughing, knocking—even adopting a “wide stance”—but Anderson Cooper has a restroom habit that’s a new one on us: The Silver Fox sings “Happy Birthday” twice to himself every time he washes his hands.

“You’re supposed to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice while washing your hands,” Cooper advised his  Anderson Live co-host Rosie Perez. “That’s the amount of time you’re supposed to wash your hands.”

AC admitted the habit has generated more than a few sidelong glances:  “At the men’s room in CNN I’m singing ‘Happy Birthday,’ to myself and people walking through the bathroom are like, ‘Why is Anderson Cooper singing Happy Birthday to himself? He must be very lonely. This is really sad.'”

Perez joked, “Well, you don’t have to sing it aloud.”

“I guess you’re right,” Cooper rejoined. “I guess I don’t.”

We would be more than happy to sing “Happy Birthday” to Anderson Cooper every day, if need be.