Anderson Cooper Squeeze Benjamin Maisani Smooching New Guy

Anderson Cooper promised some changes this fall when his eponymous talk show returns, but we didn’t think that meant a change in his romantic life: As photos of AC beau Ben Maisani kissing a dark-haired stranger in Central Park have been circulating, questions about the Coop’s relationship status abound.

When he came out as gay earlier this summer, Cooper commented that he loved someone “and is loved.” But with Maisani, 39, clearly sucking face in the paparazzi snaps, you have to wonder if it was the bar owner he was talking about.

Or did he mean rumored new boyfriend Gavin Hammon?

London’s Daily Mail, which previously reported Cooper wanted to marry Maisani (above, with Cooper) on Labor Day, says the two men still share Cooper’s converted-firehouse condo, but our spies say Maisani moved out some time ago.

The tabloid also claims the out anchor’s famous mom, Gloria Vanderbilt, approved of the relationship: She  encouraged Anderson and Benjaim to ease their schedules and make time for each other—and to consider adopting a child together.

Does this mean no grandkids for Gloria? She’s not getting any younger, you know.