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Anderson Cooper Stands Up For Men Who Cry In Public

Know who can’t get no respect? The View‘s gals! There they are, innocently making fun of grown man and incoming House speaker Rep. John Boehner for weeping his way through a 60 Minutes interview, and here comes that big bully Anderson Cooper harshing on their high.

Oh, and that Rachel Maddow person defended Boehner’s right to weep too:

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  • scribe

    I don’t find it real at all when Boner or Glen Blecky cry. For what it is worth, I didn’t believe when Clinton did it either. You cry when someone dies, or is born, when some great saddness happens, not because you lose a vote.

  • gaytravel

    Gotta love Cooper and Maddow for attempting to elevate the discussion. Take shots at everything else that is dumb about this guy. Opinions, ideas, etc. = fair game.

  • AugustLA

    Love Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, and the idea of being able to go from one stimulating telecast to the other on anightly basis. Keep up the good work and keeping spreading the truth about hypocritical haters with no frame of thought.

  • Jack

    Anderson also backs up on Latinos with a hard dick.

  • Black Jack44

    Love anderson but i totally agree with the view girls, Boner is full of shit and doesnt care about the real welfare of the american people. Hes a true bullshit artist just like Beck, they cry on command to get a reaction and youd have to be a full to buy what theyre selling. I dont see him crying about the tax cuts they got after talking about cutting spending for 5 months and hes not crying about the trillion dollar spending bill they introduced today full of republican ear marks that they were so opposed to before the november elections. Fuck John the tan man Boner and his fake tears, save it for someone who cant see thru all ur crap.

  • Ken S

    Hrm, it’s hard to feel much sympathy for that Rethuglican crony with his crocodile tears when personally I’d like to see him turned into a day-glow orange handbag.

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