Anderson Cooper Tells Kelly Ripa He’d Like To Have Sex With Her Husband

It seems like every time Anderson Cooper visits Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, something awkward happens. Last time he outed Andy as a “total top,” which left Mr. Cohen more than a little uncomfortable. And last night, he and Kelly Ripa got into a heated discussion during a rousing match of Plead the Fifth.

During the game, Kelly asked Anderson a series of questions including which of his CNN co-workers irritated him the most: Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo, or Jake Tapper. (Mr. Cooper, naturally, pled the fifth on that one.) And who would be rather have sex with, Madonna or Cher? (He picked Madonna).

Kelly also asked: “Who would you rather have sex with, Mark Consuelos or me?”

Mark Consuelos is her husband of 18 years.

Anderson, ever the gentlemen, took a moment to formulate his answer in his head, then politely replied: “Mark. I guess.”

Kelly seemed fine with it at first, until Anderson awkwardly added: “I mean, he is a guy. You’re not. You’re a little too boy-like.”

“Boy-like”? What?

Check out the clip below.