Anderson Cooper Turns 42! He’s ‘Hungry’ For New Life Experiences

Anderson Cooper poses with fans outside The House of Blues in Lo

CNN’s silver fox turns 42 today! Sure, Anderson Cooper‘s ratings may be in decline, his hips may be hurting, and his sexual preferences may be skewing older. But is all hope lost for the Cooper as he clocks another year?

Like all important life matters, we turned to the stars! According to “Romantic and creative passions are themes this year. Exploring your feelings, and a spirited approach to relating, figure strongly. Personal popularity increases, and your open heart brings positive new experiences into your life. Your mind is especially restless this year, and you are hungry for new experiences and for answers. However, watch for a tendency to misplace your faith in projects that require more attention to facts. A more goal-oriented approach to life, along with determination to overcome setbacks, brings success.”

Sure, that could mean anything, but in the case of Cooper it probably means more shark diving, new relationships, and more filling in for Regis Philbin.

(Photos: Splash News)