Chivalry Is Dead

Anderson Cooper v. Drunk Girls

CNN’s Anderson Cooper crossed from cable to network when he took Regis Philbin’s place on this morning’s Regis & Kelly.

Perky and bright-eyed, the gray haired wonder gabbed about his encounter with a group of drunk girls, which he then proceeds to imitate. Rather than engaging the intoxicated youth, the 40-year old New York did what he always does when faced with strange interactions: he pretended to talk on his Blackberry.

Cooper’s plan would have worked out swimmingly had the ladies recognized him. Unfortunately, they didn’t and one asked, drunkenly, “Were you on a nature show?” The Coop attempted to thwart their inquisition with his imaginary phone call, which he finally aborted when the brazen babes mistook him for John McEnroe. Coop proceeded to fag out: “I was insulted… John McEnroe is like fifty!” Girl, we would have flipped, too.

Don’t worry, Coop fans, Anderson got the last laugh: he stole their cab.

Meanwhile, Cooper doesn’t appreciate Kelly Ripa’s touch.