Anderson Cooper Versus Adam Levine: Who’s Hotter?

eye-candy-anderson-cooper-101Stop the presses, we have breaking Anderson Cooper news! The news hunk has pointed out on his show that Adam Levine (rhymes with queen) now kind of looks like Anderson. That’s thanks to Levine’s new platinum dye job, which lends him a certain Targaryen air and also resembles, somewhat, Cooper’s silver-fox style.

“I don’t know why I did it, but it feels right,” Levine said of his new color, or lack thereof.

Apparently lots of Twitter users thinks that Cooper and Levine look similar now. Kind of, sort of, maybe, if you squint? The differences are many, starting with the fact that Cooper has white hair and Levine is now blond. But the two colors are kind of close, right? Perhaps Levine and Cooper will join forces to resurrect the treasured ’70s disco sensation Blonde on Blonde. (Hint: they will not.)

Anderson has now taken to the airwaves to point out a few differences. For the sake of comparison, he says, Levine was on the cover of People magazine, while Cooper was on the cover of WebMD magazine. The most shocking thing about this is that there is a WebMD magazine. Because hypochondriacs need something to read on airplanes too.

Cooper’s CNN segment about the scandal includes evidence that he’s more frequently mistaken for Wolf Blitzer than anyone else. He concludes by flipping off the camera and muttering, “fuck you.” Really.