Anderson Cooper Will Not Be Fired For TV Bullying Andrew Shirvell

Anderson Cooper made one thing clear last night: As obsessed as fired Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell is with Chris Armstrong, Cooper is obsessed with Mr. Shirvell. Following up on a handful of segments on Shirvell, last night Cooper devoted a whopping 15 minutes to the Shirvell story, revisiting his favorite moments of their exchange.

Cooper spoke to Deborah Gordon, attorney for U-Mich student Armstrong (cue to the 8:00 mark), who refutes AG Mike Cox’s initial assertion that Shirvell did nothing wrong — Cox released a statement saying Shirvell was fired for using work hours to engage in his anti-Armstrong campaign, and lying to the AG’s office during the investigation — and makes the case for Shirvell’s disbarment. “Other clients,” says Gordon, might also be launching complaints against Shirvell.

Adds CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin: “The notion that if you simply use words, you are protected by the First Amendment is just a myth. Lots of things can get you fired that are just words.”

Is anyone else actually a little sad this might be the end of Cooper’s love affair with Shirvell? Please, Mr. Former Assistant Attorney General, do something else outrageous.

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