Anderson Cooper Will Not Be Fired For TV Bullying Andrew Shirvell

Anderson Cooper made one thing clear last night: As obsessed as fired Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell is with Chris Armstrong, Cooper is obsessed with Mr. Shirvell. Following up on a handful of segments on Shirvell, last night Cooper devoted a whopping 15 minutes to the Shirvell story, revisiting his favorite moments of their exchange.

Cooper spoke to Deborah Gordon, attorney for U-Mich student Armstrong (cue to the 8:00 mark), who refutes AG Mike Cox’s initial assertion that Shirvell did nothing wrong — Cox released a statement saying Shirvell was fired for using work hours to engage in his anti-Armstrong campaign, and lying to the AG’s office during the investigation — and makes the case for Shirvell’s disbarment. “Other clients,” says Gordon, might also be launching complaints against Shirvell.

Adds CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin: “The notion that if you simply use words, you are protected by the First Amendment is just a myth. Lots of things can get you fired that are just words.”

Is anyone else actually a little sad this might be the end of Cooper’s love affair with Shirvell? Please, Mr. Former Assistant Attorney General, do something else outrageous.

Andrew Shivell Comes Out (As A Cyber Bullying Victim)

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  • FreddyMertz

    ..and cue 2 years from now when Shirvell is singing Cabaret songs at the local Manhole in Michigan, jazz hands and all. lol

  • declanto

    Anderson Cooper is too big to fail. He is in an ideal position to promote Gordon’s disbarment move against Shirvell. Meanwhile, the “Fire Andrew Shirvell” facebook page is having a party.

  • T

    Anderson is in the news business. This is a current event and he did an objective analysis. I hardly see any bullying on Anderson’s part. Is he obsessed? I doubt it but he is concerned about the actions of a clearly disturbed man.


    Hey Queerts: “Please…do something outrageous” Shitvell is an oh so very unstable, mentally distrubed,deranged, obsessed, stalker lunatic, not so sure thats something you should be wishing on……..

  • Javier Sanchez

    Would anyone explain me why Cooper should be fired? I mean…I don’t understand where the bullying act is…in fact there is only one made by Shirvell against Armstrong. That’s all. Has someone really asked to CNN to fire Coopers?

  • scott ny'er

    @Javier Sanchez: I’m sure he’s not being fired, it’s just Queerty being sensationalist and/or trying to be funny.

    It is ABSURD that Shirvell got away with his stalking behavior for so long. Cox should be fired as well but why bother since his term is almost over. Cox should NEVER hold a position like that again. And Shirvell should be disbarred. Shirvell does seem mentally unstable. And if I was Armstrong I would be somewhat apprehensive.

  • sam

    @Javier Sanchez: It’s a joke Javier… ;) irony and whatnot

  • CooperComeOutNow!

    What is hypocritical is that Cooper, as a closeted gay man, is pursuing his own agenda. FIRST, he should come out. He says “keeping them honest”. Well, start with yourself Anderson! Then, in that context, we can understand better why he keeps covering this story that has become a non-story.

  • robert

    I am not sure why you think this was a non story and I am glad Anderson went after Shirvell

  • scott ny'er

    @CooperComeOutNow!: oh god. mind ur own bizness and leave anderson alone. sheesh. he’ll come out when he’s good and ready.

  • rrr

    @CooperComeOutNow!: It’s not hypocritical at all and he’s not pursuing his own agenda. This is a legitimate news story and he was covering a major new development in it. Covering the story wasn’t hypocritical either. The story had nothing to do with Anderson trying to force someone to declare their personal sexuality or claiming to believe people should announce their sexuality to the public, it was about harassment and stalking by a person in authority which Anderson is not himself doing.

  • declanto

    @CooperComeOutNow!: Why don’t you take a break and run down to the “clue” store? Anderson Cooper’s sexuality is his own affair. That’s the point of the gay movement-a person’s sexual orientation shouldn’t make a difference.

  • CooperComeOutNow!

    Cooper apologists: you have blood on your hands, for every celebrity that stays in the closet while they could be a role model to our kids, and decide not to, our kids kill themselves. And you defend Cooper’s “right” to privacy. Disgusting.

  • scott ny'er

    @CooperComeOutNow!: LOL. You’re logic is lacking.

    Even if AC was out, kids will still be bullied and will still commit suicide. Who knew the power that AC has? By AC coming out, his super powers are activated and all the bullies befriend gays/and those who seem gay. And we all live happily ever after.

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