Anderson Cooper’s Boyfriend Benjamin Maisani Opens His Bar To Completely Un-Stuffy Crowd of Celebrigays

Benjamin Maisani opened his new Alphabet City haunt Bedlam, named after a London insane asylum, last night in New York. Famous people were there! Like his beau Anderson Cooper, singing and acting homosexual Alan Cumming, and Bravogay Andy Cohen. Also, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, and Solange Knowles. We’re told “creative cocktails like the Sagamore House—named after Teddy Roosevelt’s country house—will be available for whoever’s feeling fancy, but the average hipster can still order their Bud.” Finally, some place you can relax and just get a drink in this town.

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  • ron

    It looks like someone from an insane asylum decorated the place…..

  • Al

    At least Anderson came out to support his man’s latest venture. Now if he would only come out.

  • adman

    Since Anderson Cooper is closeted, I wonder if they have a predetermined agreement regarding PDA’s in their prenup? You know, for safety. A perfect clause for just this type of occasion.

  • Doodles

    Ok I was there most of the night. Neither Solange, Alan Cumming, or Andy the golden boy were there. Get your shit right boys and let up, NOTHin is going on with Ben and Andy, btw SJP and her frumpy husband (who’s looking more like a bear) were indeed there

  • Bill

    Thought he was out?

  • SomethingElse

    Gross. Imagine Andy Cohen sticking his croos-eyed pushcart pushy puss into yours. (Glad he wasn’t really there, Doodles). Anyone descended from the WASP Vanderbilts sure doesn’t want an out-of-town Cohen around.

  • Doodles

    @SomethingElse: Omg Andy Cohen is gross and apparently a HuGE star fucker. He only became VP of bravo after screwing half the people at ABC. He also kissed major network ass and still does since sadly he’s a pretty big idiot. But in the world of media. Its not what you knew but who you blew

  • Al

    @Bill: I agree. He seems pretty damned out to me. He’s certainly seen all over the city with his boyfriend. They bought a firehouse to live in together. Who doesn’t know A.C. is gay?

  • SomethingElse

    Doodles: That has to be the only explanation for Cohen having even that bare minimum of fame. (But who in the world would want to get blown by him?! Imagine that awful mouth on your…) He is the wiggling giggling Paul Lynde from St. Louis, but without the true wit that Lynde had. Gloria Vanderbilt should disown her own son if he’s ever even seen in the same room with him.

  • Jackson

    I’m guessing that 98% of people visiting Queerty don’t care about this. After all, unless you live in New York, why would you care that some random gay bar opened?

    For the record, I don’t care that some random guy (who may or may not be intimately connected to Anderson Cooper) opened a bar. Believe it or not, Queerty, not all gay people care about New York. In fact, many of us live productive and healthy lives without ever setting foot in NYC.

  • SomethingElse

    Jackson : That’s because the Queerties are typical of out-of-towners who come to NYC and then are constantly scrambling about trying to convince themselves and everyone else that they are now living in THE place and are somehow “cooler” than everyone else. I love NYC because I was born and raised here so my friends and family are here, (but it would be the same if I lived in Iowa or Miami, Florida or Alaska) but believe me I recognize the out-of-town desperate types.

  • slobone

    Gosh I may be an out-of-towner (WAY out of town) but I’ve heard of everybody mentioned in the article and love to hear about celeb goings on in trendy NYC bars. If you’re not interested, why did you click on it?

  • SomethingElse

    Then you do need to get more of a life going for yourself, Slobone.

  • rrr

    I don’t see this article as being a New York thing. If Anderson Cooper’s boyfriend just opened up a bar somewhere in Wisconsin or Ohio and Anderson Cooper and other celebrities were at the opening party, I bet Queerty would want to do an article about it.

  • Mike

    A.C. is not in the closet. He doesn’t discuss his homosexuality, but he’s openly gay.

  • ewe

    @Al: oh yes, it is so inspiring that Anderson Cooper is OUT while emulating straight white men. I hate gay people who spend their lives sending the message that we are just like straight people. I am NOTHING like a straight guy. I don’t want to be anything like a straight guy and i am proud to say i strive to be different than straight men because i am not heterosexual and never have had the mindset of straight men and hopefully never will. We are gay, not straight and i am sick and tired of gay men attempting to gain acceptance by denying themselves their true nature. Keep your damn uniforms and costumes as well. By the way, the “closet” is straight propaganda. I never had one and know plenty of gay people who were gay since forever.

  • ewe

    @Mike: Keep dreamin. the day he discusses his husband the same openly way Regis and Kelly talk about their spouses is the day your fantasy will be reality. Until then stick your head back in the dirt and try to get a ticket to a circuit party. I don’t mean to be mean to you and i apologize but you are full of shit.

  • Corey

    It just seems so silly that Anderson still can’t openly state that he is indeed a gay man in an LTR. There are still lots of people out there who had no idea that AC’s gay – they express absolute shock and suprise when they find out. Until AC comes out, most people automatically assume he’s out with a friend and not a bf when they see them together, so that’s not really living as an openly gay man. He’s got a hot, smart, creative bf and that’s something to take pride in, not hide.

  • rrr

    @Corey: It’s well known in New York Anderson is gay. The guy he’s out with all the time is a muscley local gay bar owner. They ride matching bikes in tight t-shirts. People are not assuming they are just friends when they spot them.

    They are also recognized as a couple on gossip blogs that post pics of them.

  • ewe

    @rrr: lol. That is hysterical. Thanks for the lowdown on how a subgroup called “The Village gay circle” feels. HA. There is a whole world outside of Manhattan and they feel nothing of what you say everyone identifies with. They also happen to be the majority. Girl please. You think everyone is jogging down the west side highway and sipping coffee in a wooden lounge chair every sunday morning on the Highline?

  • rrr

    @ewe: All the posts I see you make on this website are nonsensical rambling.

    I didn’t talk on what people feel or identify with. Cory said most people think AC is just with a friend when they see him and his boyfriend out together. I said that’s not true because of who AC is, who his boyfriend is, their area, and what they look like when they are out together. They live in Manhattan, so it is Manhattanites who are the on the street witnesses we are talking about. The other people who sometimes see the pair of them them out doing daily life shit together are people who see snaps of them on gossip blogs or tabloids, and those people are also clued in the two aren’t just friends because the blogs and tabloids tell them it’s a boyfriend situation.

    That said, it would be good to see him to announce he’s gay, and there are straights who see him alone on TV and assume he’s straight until they hear otherwise from someone.

  • ewe

    @rrr: You should look harder at my posts if you feel that way but do keep in mind you finally spoke your ramblings about me only after you found yourself at the tail end of my comment. AHEM!! You said…”People are not assuming they are just friends when they spot them”. That most certainly is saying what people other than yourself are feeling and identifying with. Again i have to remind you AGAIN that the world is larger than even New York. So what? Your whole point is that the gay community knows Anderson Cooper is gay? So fucking what. He does not even speak of the person supposedly most important to him. He has been on fluff morning shows to do so just like his co hosts are doing and chooses not to. For that reason he is not “OUT” at all. Not at all. Not one bit. Face the truth. He is on guard and is basically asexual on camera.

  • ewe

    And i have no doubt he insists any network he appears on sign a waiver demanding they speak nothing of his orientation in his presence. Some flow huh?

  • Al

    That said, it would be good to see him to announce he’s gay, and there are straights who see him alone on TV and assume he’s straight until they hear otherwise from someone.

    This is pretty much the whole point. He’s never done this and until he does, he can’t really be considered out, regardless of who reads the gossip blogs or sees him with Ben in NY. He has to really clear things up by actually coming out for this conversation to finally end.

  • Sukiwoyaxul

    It’s Sagamore Hill, not Sagamore House.

  • Rosalind Guy

    People can say whatever they want but you need to be thanking God that we have Anderson Cooper. He has more to offer the world then any of you. I love him! I’m a Black, poor female but he make my like rich with his humble spirit and wealth of knowledge. So, SHUT UP! EVERYONE HAS THE FREEDOM TO LIVE AS THEY WANT AS LONG AS IT’S NOT HARMFUL TO THEM OR OTHERS.

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