Anderson Cooper’s Buff Arms + Pecs Threaten to Overshadow the Real Haitian Disaster

Do you know what Haiti needs right now? Coverage of how the earthquake is affecting fashion! But while we’d love to beat up on Guy Trebay for reporting on the most irrelevant of topics coming out of a disaster scene, he is the Times fashion scribe, and at least the conversation is not about how the deaths of tens of thousands will impact YSL’s collection. Rather, he’s talking about how it’s impacting what America’s newsmen are wearing on screen. And Anderson Cooper, ever the trend setter, is setting the standard in his black, bicep-revealing tees.

While watching CNN’s live coverage at the gym, the sound was muted, and there were no closed captions, so yeah, we were staring at The Coop’s arms, and noticed how they were stretching the fabric of his tight black T-shirt. But Cooper’s casual style while reporting live from ground zero of a nightmare isn’t new; he also, sensibly, ditched his normal monkey suit for simple polos while reporting from New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

And now, according to Trebay, Cooper is inspiring legions of fellow reporters to do the same. Or, at least one: CNN’s Jason Carroll, pictured. (Tabloid Prodigy also points out Fox 5 “meteorologist/sexy bish” Mike Woods is a fan of the look.)

You could call it the Anderson Cooper effect. Mr. Cooper has rarely missed an opportunity to showcase his buff physique (as anyone would know if he or she remembers his stripping to a bathing suit to quiz Michael Phelps). But Mr. Cooper isn’t the only CNN correspondent with a self-conscious taste for form-fitting charcoal T-shirts, accessorized with a tiny microphone clipped at the neck.

Looking somewhat sheepish about it, a newly sleek Dr. Sanjay Gupta moved through Port-au-Prince wearing a snug gray T-shirt, his hair styled in the obligatory CNN crop. His colleague Jason Carroll, reporting on Wednesday’s aftershock and looking like a guy who had done 20 quick pushups before going on air, wore a T-shirt so snugly revealing it called into question whether a disaster zone is the place to flaunt one’s gym physique. A spokeswoman for CNN declined to comment, but in journalism, as in most things, old standards of decorum are clearly on the wane.

The look is getting plenty of play: Cooper’s pecs-hugging tee was his uniform for moving that little boy out of harm’s way the other day.

But is everybody following suit? Not quite. We’ve still got plenty of blue button downs on parade as Haitians await any real display of aid.

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  • TheAwfulTruth

    The Anderson Cooper effect? What, wear a black T-shirt while staying in the closet? This is getting as boring as having to read about Davey Wavey.

  • JoeyB

    How much is Anderson donating from his vast family fortune to Haiti?

  • CountMeOut

    Trebay is an ass. What a stupid, irrelevant piece of fluff. No wonder The New York Times is tanking.

  • Anne

    OK. Interesting insight on this terrible disaster, NYT.

  • MissLaWanda

    This is so racist.

  • Connor

    Not only does the Coop have strong pecs and great guns, he is also getting a nice tan.

    I think he’s doing an excellent job reporting, and I believe he is sincere in his concern for the Haitians.

    This experience is bound to have a profound effect on him.

    I don’t understand the animosity by some commenters every time his name comes up in a blog.

    He lives an openly gay life in Manhattan. He does not seem to be shallow and superficial like a number of queens I know (and like). He appears to be an unpretentious nice guy who has chosen, for the moment, to keep his professional life and personal life seperate. What is so wrong with that?

    Not everyone who makes a contribution to a cause makes a public announcement about it. I respect those who donate discreetly. I suspect this is the case with A.C.

    Get a grip on the envy, girls.

  • Transracial


    Anderson Cooper is not openly gay.

  • Jason

    A friend has a pretty good job in technical support at CNN Time-Warner Center.

    He tells me that Anderson Cooper is definitely NOT in the closet at work and that everyone at CNN knows, and could care less, that Cooper is gay.

    He has a reputation as a down-to-earth guy with a good sense of humor. He treats everyone well. My friend has only occasional interaction with him, but he really respects him. He said you would never know that Cooper was brought up in great wealth.

    He also said that he doesn’t know whether Cooper’s not being out “on-the-air” is a personal one or whether is is dictated by CNN brass.

  • Connor

    @Transracial: You and I may have a different opinion on what it means to be “openly gay.” No, Anderson Cooper does not wear a pink triangle. It’s no secret, at least in the life, who Cooper’s boyfriend is or that he owns a gay establishment. Cooper is not a big bar person, but he is certainly seen out with the bf. I am not dissing you, Transracial. I believe that you and I probably just have different ideas on what it means to be openly gay.

  • Transracial

    Diss me all you want.

    But the man is not openly gay.

    He has never said “I am gay” in a public sphere.

    Hence, he is not openly gay.

    This is not an OPINION
    this is a fact.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Not watching Haiti news – overloaded with misery!!! Bring back CNN News (but I watch much Gayer MSNBC anyway!) Anderson Cooper wants that Pulitzer BAAAAD! Liberal guilt for inherited wealth as the son of a Vanderbilt (parodied on Gossip Girl) and the loss of a brother who plunged to his death.

    Jason Carroll looks so 1998 with those titty pectoral implants and “jogger’s face” which make him appear older than he is intending. Works on Coop with the premature silver hair but silly on imitators who look like a cake left out in the rain. They should report on the failure of USAid and the Kanye West look-alike who is screwing it up. The U.S military should have had this from day one, not an intern!

  • Anne

    @Jason: Thanks for that inside info, Jason. He sounds nice.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Anderson Cooper IS cool but he’s no Rachel Maddow!

  • rrr

    Did anyone else think Jason Carroll went too far? That was one tit hugging shirt and it looked brand new and literally a bit shiny. It looked like he was on his way to a club. None of the other CNN guys looked like that.

  • christopher di spirito

    I watch the BBC America news before I go to sleep and they committed the criminal offense of using CNN footage of Anderson Cooper in Haiti.

    Cooper was shown mentioning his “mummy.” He’s a good boy, you know. Even in the face of staggering human suffering, his “mummy” was never far from his mind.

    The good news is, if all goes well, when Regis retires, Cooper will get the chair next to Kathy Lee or Kelly Lee or whoever that bottle blonde broad is on the morning Regis show and his moribund CNN show will finally be put out of its misery. Sorry, but I don’t buy Anderson Cooper, Journalist, anymore than I buy Katie Couric, Journalist.

  • alan brickman

    just ask him already…..

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Jason Carroll is such a yummy bottom. I would love
    to mount his ass and fuck him silly..

    **clears throat**

    As for Mr. Cooper, I think it’s ridiculous to suggest
    that he’s starting a trend! Jason Carroll has been wearing
    fitted tops for years while reporting. Maybe you’ll just
    didn’t notice him because he’s non-white! And
    as for Anderson’s “out” status: It’s none of my damn business!
    I think most of us know he’s Gay,and he’s not hiding it, so why hate on him for not coming out publicly? Only a Gay Militant
    Queen would demand so much..Leave Anderson alone, he’s one
    of the good ones..

  • scott ny'er

    @Dirty Ole Man: I agree with most of your post.

    The 1st two sentences… well, OMG.

  • Sexy Rexy

    The buff pecs and mantits seem only to bother those motherfuckers shallow enough not to be able to think of anything else. 70,000 plus dead, and THIS is the shit you stupid queens report on? WTF did you report on 9/11, how hot the firefighters and cops looked trying to rescue people from the Towers?

  • Dave

    @Sexy Rexy: Good point!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Where’s Haiti, Lovey?

  • Cal

    @#8 Jason, everything you’ve posted about Anderson is what I always suspected and it’s also what comes across from him on the air, he seems like a genuinely decent, unpretentious and nice guy. Thanks for confirming it.

  • hephaestion

    It’s not that the Haiti situation isn’t preoccupying us and worrying us, it is. It’s just that how can you not notice those great bods on Jason Carroll and Anderson Cooper in those t-shirts?? Those two and Bill Hemmer should be required to report the news in wet t-shirts at all times.

  • Kieran

    Maybe CNN should make a rule requiring all hot-looking guys wear a burkha while reporting from Haiti?

  • benlayvey

    @dontblamemeivotedforhillary: “those titty pectoral implants”

    The Gods! LOL! They do pectoral implants now? Never heard about that one!

  • schlukitz

    No. 19 · Sexy Rexy

    Right on!

  • Bayonet

    Fuck COoper and all those mantit queens trying to assuage their liberal guilt. Being known to be gay at work does not mean one is openly gay, so don’t sugarcoat it or try to defend him anymore.

  • schlukitz

    No. 27 · Bayonet


    You certainly live up to your screen name.

  • JonathanHasHasIt

    @no.28, Schlukitz
    I like you already.

  • JohnnyCock

    Is Cooper cut or uncut?

  • Anne

    @Bayonet: You are dictating your own interpretation of a subjective term on everyone. No one is sugar coating anything. Stop trying to tell me what I can or cannot do.

  • Blake

    @Bayonet: You sound like an angry individual. Can you help me understand why it is so important to some people that Anderson Cooper announce his sexuality on CNN programming? I just don’t get it.

  • Bayonet

    @no.33 Blake
    If I need to explain to you what in 2010 it is crucial for cowards like COoper and other to come out, then your braindead. Get out of my sight.

  • romeo

    Something was suggested in another thread that makes some sense. As an international journalist, AC needs as unrestricted an access to the world as he can get. He’s done everything but say the “g” word. Saying it might very well get him barred from some places, or worse. Actually, given that circumstance, I think he’s showing a lot of balls being as open as he is. I give him a pass.

  • Anne

    @Bayonet: No, I will not “get the hell out of here”. But don’t let that spoil your fun judging other people’s behaviour while acting like a raging, misogynistic jerk. Some example you are.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    Anderson Cooper and Jason Carroll will be at my home
    for dinner next month. I’ll be sure to ask them both
    about the “titty shirts” and other pressing issues.

    Now excuse me, I’m off to the Adult Book Store.

  • Jason

    @romeo: No. 35 You’re right. I read something about that, too. Why would he compromise his ability to work in certain countries? I gave him a pass even before I read that. Actually, I think he’s pretty damned out. What’s the big deal?

  • MissTransSylvaniaTV

    Can we all talk about something else?

  • Marty

    Anderson’s staying in Haiti another week, he said he can’t imagine leaving right now. One more week of fine reporting, hot black tees and sexy guns.

  • MissSenile

    Honey, it’s called ratings, thats all.

  • Anne

    @MissSenile: What, you can’t imagine anyone in the middle of the horror and death going on there to actually care?

  • schlukitz

    No. 36 · Anne

    @Bayonet: No, I will not “get the hell out of here”. But don’t let that spoil your fun judging other people’s behaviour while acting like a raging, misogynistic jerk. Some example you are.

    His mother must be very proud of him.

    Anne, I am so worry that you had to be subjected to this sort of abuse as a guest on a gay site, of all places. I don’t know how these kind of people find their way here, but Queerty seems to attract these sort of low-lifes who show no respect for the fairer sex, but also have none for other gays as well.

    Please do not let this person dissuade you from coming back here. While Queerty is primarily a gay site, the majority of us who post here regularly welcome the respectful and thoughtful opinions and input of people from all walks of like, whether they be gay, straight, etc.

  • schlukitz

    No. 33 · Blake

    @no.33 Blake
    If I need to explain to you what in 2010 it is crucial for cowards like COoper and other to come out, then your braindead. Get out of my sight.

    Aside from this person’s very obvious typos and misspellings, Bayonet’s rudeness is uncalled for and inexcusable.

    Perhaps it is he who should “get out of our sight” if he cannot conduct himself in a polite and gentlemanly manner.

  • Anne

    @schlukitz: Oh, thanks, that is very nice of you to say! I’m aware of what kind of responses I can get, internet anonymity usually doesn’t bring out the best in people. I really appreciate you’re post though, sincerely, thank you! :)

  • Dave

    I enjoy (in moderation) the witty repartee of acid-tongued queens as much (maybe more) than the next guy. There’s nothing like a good cat fight.

    Bayonet is over the top. He sounds patholigical.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Is that a spray-on tan on Dr Sanjay Gupta as it is slightly short of his hairline, like the Haiti sun sweated his tan-line away?

    Never mind, just a bad quality photo that’s not even from HD TV…

  • Lazycrockett

    Do you bitter queens google anderson cooper daily and then rant bout him not being “your” role model on every blog? He’s not here to lead the cause nuff said, get over it and move on.

    After saving that poor kid that got hit by a rock during a small looting riot and taking that congresswoman to task during Katrina Anderson has my respect for being a journalist and a humanitian. I can understand why he may not want to be associated with some of ilk in here.

    Team Anderson!!!

  • Alex

    Every single one of you that’s defending Cooper is the reason why America is still stuck in the Medieval social ages – it’s not as if the man has to keep up appearances in other to get parts in movies. Considering his birth and his work he has a social duty (and I don’t expect the majority of you to know what that implies since it comes with the upbringing) towards his peers. He will be judged for his silence later.

  • adam

    @Alex: He doesn’t have any more social duty than the other closeted men and women in news.

    Noblesse oblige? Guys with an old money background like Anderson come from an environment that encourages them to be more discreet not less. There’s double the discretion when they have an uptight job like news anchoring. You’d be better off telling a celebrity from a trailer park to come out. Upper crust Anderson helps out the hoi polloi in other ways.

    Are you seriously giving actors a pass but not news anchors? Either both groups get a pass or neither gets one. Anchors are personalities who have to market their images. Anchors get dropped by networks and have to try to find other jobs. Anchors try to get stories in foreign countries where gays are despised or criminalized.

    He’s been judged for years for his silence. It’ll be pathetic if years from now people are still freaking the fuck out because this one man among the huge army of TV reporters from this time was one of a bunch in news who weren’t making press releases about being gay.

  • Tim

    @Lazycrockett: You offer a very rational perspective. Sign me up for your team.

  • Bayonet

    @no. 43 and 45, Schlukitz and Anne,
    Oh, poor babies, the Smuchkits and Anne the truck driver, such decent, gentle people. Spare your PC garbage and your platitudes. You obviously have way too much time on your hands, go get a real life and stop defending queens like Cooper who keep the closet alive. U disgust me.

  • Cam

    No. 5 · MissLaWanda said…
    This is so racist.

    LOL!!!!!!!! Such a little bitch you are. :)

  • Cam

    No. 48 · Lazycrockett said…
    Do you bitter queens google anderson cooper daily and then rant bout him not being “your” role model on every blog? He’s not here to lead the cause nuff said, get over it and move on.

    After saving that poor kid that got hit by a rock during a small looting riot and taking that congresswoman to task during Katrina Anderson has my respect for being a journalist and a humanitian. I can understand why he may not want to be associated with some of ilk in here.

    Oh yeah, you’re right, his cowardly hiding in the closet is all because he doesn’t want to be associated with one or two of the people on Queerty’s posting board…yep you figured it out. Not a hypocrite…just doesn’t want to be in the same club as people on here…it’s all so clear now.

  • Bayonet

    no. 48, LazyCrockett
    Team Anderson? Team lack-of-balls to come out is more like it.

  • Kent

    @adam: You are correct. Noblesse Oblige and discretion go hand-in-hand for true old money.

    None of us know what good Anderson Cooper may be doing for any number of charities or groups, and I applaud that.

    I certainly prefer that than the press releases announcing “look what I did” by publicity seeking newer wealth.

    Contributions to any good cause by old or new money are a good thng.

  • Alex

    @ Adam

    I come from a similiar background to Cooper so I know what it’s like – it is difficult because it’s often the “it doesn’t happen in OUR milieu” kind of attitude but at the same time the upper class is defined by it’s “we don’t care what other people think” since we’re on top anyhow (and any misgivings about a “fruity” cousin or two isn’t going to tarnish the family reputation).

    Cooper DOES has a social and MORAL obligation to come out precisely because he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thus (although I realise this is probably going to seem mad to a lot of you) he will be judged more harshly by following generations. What is the point of being born to the manner nowadays if you do not use to serve the greater good? Most aristocrats and patricians don’t have physical wars to fight anymore in which they may distinguish themselves; if Cooper were to take this on imagine what he could do.

    Regardless I believe that Cooper will at some point actively assume this role.

  • soul_erosion

    Hypothetical telephone conversation between CNN news producer and Anderson Cooper:
    CNN: hello Anderson, we’re pulling you out of Haiti, there’s been another disaster in San Francisco and we’re sending you.
    AC: What? Oh dear God, you mean another earthquake?
    CNN:No, thank heavens. It’s the Prop8 Trial, Judge Walker is announcing his decision tomorrow and we want you there.(hey, it’s gonna be a disaster for one side or the other, right?)
    AC: hummm, errr, ahem, but I’m doing the story on the reopening of the cement block factory and I haven’t finished the REAL human interest story film footage of the Indonesian workers being shipped in from Dubai to rebuild the Hotel Montana.
    CNN: But we thought you’d want to be there, it’s gay history in the making.
    AC: Couldn’t you send Jason Carroll and Kathy Griffin? Pretty Please? People might get the wrong idea.

  • Knox

    It seems to me that a lot of commenters are giving a hell of a lot of power to Anderson Cooper.

    If only Anderson Cooper was totally out, DADT would be repealed, we would have gay marriage in the fifty states, and this would be the land of milk and honey for gay people.

    He’s a newscaster for Christ’s sake. He’s not a time machine that’s going to deliver us from the “Medieval social ages.”

    Because of my profession, I deal with a lot of trust fund babies. They are certainly not bad people, but most of them lack empathy and are very self-absorbed. Compared to them, Anderson Cooper has gravitas.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    No. 58 · soul_erosion Too Funny!!!

    “But we thought you’d want to be there, it’s gay history in the making.”

    Even Ted Turner, as dotty as he is sometimes, wants to take back CNN who are staying put in Haiti (and keeping away from Hate Me and My Gay Family in California!) and want to lurch further to the Right as they are losing ground to liberal MSNBC and want a piece of the Fox News Media Pie.

    It’s all about Money, Zuckers!

  • McShane

    Truth be told, there ar no journalists/reporters in America not bought and paid for by corporate power. I don’t care if it’s Rachel Madow or Anderson Cooper .
    There is no more suitable dress than a comfortable teeshirt in Haiti amidst the terrible conditions there. The fact that he is just healthy far from makes him a show off muscle builder. anyone who keeps the semblance of an exercise routine should easily have a body like Andersons. Many gay people like a lot of Americans think that fat is ‘ normal”.

    Cop’s as good a newscaster as we can expect in this age of
    delusionary news. If he’s gay all the better.

  • Anne

    @soul_erosion: A national disaster of huge proportions killing thousands in Haiti is less important than the prop 8 trial? Get some perspective. Cooper has covered gay causes, more so than many others on tv.

  • Brian

    I read this article in the Times.
    “inspiring LEGIONS of reporters to do the same”
    Guy Trebay contacted CNN for a comment?!
    What an asshole.

  • Mike

    @Anne: Thank you, Anne.
    You are correct.

  • TheInsider

    @no.61 Anne
    That’s not the point Soul Erosion is making Anne. And really, what gay causes has Anderson Cooper covered, “more so than many others on TV”? I doubt that very much. And if that’s the case, it’s even sadder that he doesn’t come out as a proud gay man. So yeah, it’s Haiti for another month I guess…

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