Anderson Cooper’s Chosen Charity For Jeopardy! Power Players Week: The Trevor Project

Anderson Cooper will be competing for the LGBT-youth nonprofit the Trevor Project when he join’s Jeopardy!‘s Power Players Week next Friday, May 18.

The celebrity-driven competition sees Cooper going up against New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman and NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Kelly O’Donnell. That’s some serious thinkers right there.

Cooper has covered gay issues as thoughtfully as MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, but  while Roberts is out (and delaying setting a date for his wedding to his fiance), Coop has always kept mum on his sexuality under the guise of “journalistic objectivity,” despite hosting a daytime talk show and writing a book about his mom.

Next time we see AC, should we congratulate him on being a straight ally?


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  • Belize

    “Cooper, on the other hand, has always kept mum on his sexuality under the guise of “journalistic objectivity,”

    Translation: Cooper, on the other hand, has always kept mum on his sexuality under the guise of “that thing we don’t like to apply in order to keep up with Perez Hilton, Hipster Runoff and the Sword.”

  • Dave

    *Yawn* Who cares about this pathetic closet queen?

  • DouggSeven

    It’s his choice if he wants to come out or not. There are positives AND negatives to coming out – especially in the public eye. Stop bullying him…hypocrites.

  • Marie Cohn

    He’s “evolving.”

  • Jay

    Doug7 So instead it’s perfectly fine for him to be a closet queen and live in a glass closet? Quit making up excuses for him.

  • DouggSeven

    @Jay: Actually, it is – it’s his life…not yours. I’m sure he’s fine and comfortable with who he is and is happy with his friends/family/relationship (assuming he’s in one). Just because a TV camera is in his face doesn’t mean he has to start gabbing out his private life. He doesn’t know you or me, so what buisness is his personal life to any of us? None.

  • Maxilimus

    IT makes sense for someone in his position. If he were go to other countries who still criminalize homosexuality, and even kill people because of it, it would cause some upset if he was trying to so a story. Sad fact but logically, it makes sense.

  • Hyhybt

    It makes sense to resist the push from the irrational to have to spell out what everybody knows already anyway and which shouldn’t be an issue.

  • ChristopherM

    @DouggSeven: but he does gab about his private life, including writing a book about his brother’s suicide. The implication is that since he is only silent about one part of his life is that he’s ashamed of it. That is certainly his choice, but I have a lot less respect for him because of it.

  • LadyL

    Didn’t he also appear on Oprah’s show a few years ago and talk about his book, his mother, and his brother’s death? I’ve always wondered about that trade-off. Though he was being celebrated as a media sex symbol (and clearly enjoying it) any discussion of AC’s love-life was allowed under no circumstances… but he was prepared to publicly discuss a family tragedy most of us would have found too personal and painful for talk show chat.

  • Jase

    God I’m so sick of the whole “AC needs to come out!” meme. No, he doesn’t. He’s never actually denied being gay. Why is it so damned important for you to hear him say “I’M GAY!!!!!!” Your obsession with it is getting disgusting.

    And for the record, comparing him to Thomas Roberts doesn’t count – Thomas Roberts didn’t come out, he was outed when his nudies were found on a gay site.

    And seriously, “HE TALKS ABOUT HIS MOM, WHY CAN’T HE TALK ABOUT BEING GAY!!!” Are we seriously going the route of complaining about him talking about his mother but not who he has sex with? Seriously? On one hand, the gays complain that we all get lumped into the steotypes because straight ppl think that GAY is all we are, and all the gay activists try to say “No we’re normal people, being gay is just a part of us.” Yet you complain if AC talks about any part of his life and not being gay. So I guess the new rule is he always has to talk about being gay.

    You people seriously seriously need to get over it. Same with Travolta — Who fucking cares — if he suddenly comes out are you going to feel all satisfied like you accomplished something? Why don’t you try doing something that is actually productive.

  • Codswallop

    You know, I’ve been “out” since I was 18 years old, at work, to family, etc. But if I was a celebrity, in our celebrity-obsessed culture? I don’t really blame him.

    Most of the celebrities who ARE out were either just about to be outed anyway (Neil Patrick Harris), were outed by their activity on sex websites (Thomas Roberts, Clay Aiken), or were in established relationships when they came out (Ellen D, Rosie O). Don Lemon came out on his own, but he’s also not a “celebrity” in the way AC is.

    If Anderson Cooper were to officially come out in the standard People Magazine “I’m GAY!” cover story way, his romantic life would be tabloid fodder from now on. “AC seen with new boi toy!” “Is AC’s relationship on the rocks?!” “Heartbreak For AC!” Feh! Everybody in the fucking world already KNOWS he’s gay, but he doesn’t have to TALK about it all the damn time like he would if he was officially out, be The Go-To Gay every time something came up, the Official Standard Bearer for the GAY COMMUNITY.

    But what exactly is it that you think he HASN’T done? He’s never once denied being gay (unlike Travolta). He covers gay stories and he covers them well. He gives to gay charities. He challenges homophobes on his show all the time. But none of that counts because he hasn’t done some soul-bearing confessional about being gay or if he’s a top or bottom?

    And let’s face it, if he WERE out most gays just crap on out gay celebrities anyway, and you’re already bitching about him as it is, so what exactly would the benefit be for him to come out? He’d get to make his very OWN “It Gets Better” video? Answer a bunch of stupid questions that he probably doesn’t consider anyone’s business but his own?

    Yeah, sounds like a blast!

  • flyoverit

    petunias petunias …..flower f–king freaks…..ranting like girls that have long bird sh-t beaks….flaming sissies that stink up the place…..the whole d-am bunch of the sillie gay race….abnormal animals that jump on each other….like radical apes with a banshee for a mother….now anderson cooper is one of your kind….the gayistic disease has infected his mind…….f–k it

  • JP

    His efforts to support LGBT rights are greatly appreciated. I understand there is some difficulties for him to come out especially when he is a public figure. However, it would be great if he did because he can be a good role model for all struggling gay youth.

  • InscrutableTed

    I think it’s fine for AC to keep mum on his sexuality. He travels to countries where people could make legal troubles for him for being openly gay, and as a prominent journalist, there are people who would want to create trouble for him.

  • Daniel

    @Codswallop: Most of the celebrities who ARE out were either just about to be outed anyway (Neil Patrick Harris), were outed by their activity on sex websites (Thomas Roberts, Clay Aiken), or were in established relationships when they came out.

    Isn’t it about time that we tried to be accurate and fair with these people? We need to be able to differentiate between tabloid bullshit and reality. Take Aiken for example. He was never caught on a sex website or had any sex pictures on the interwebs but the tabloids will say he did. He came out when his son was born 3 years after the tabloid attempts to force him out. In no way can the tabloids be credited with “outing” him. He came out when he was ready.

  • SSGestapo

    @Jase: f–k you siisy mother f–ker… f-gs are hilarious and simultaneously pathetic

  • Walt

    @SSGestapo: Jase may be anything – but at least he can coherently and in human language express his thoughts. And if you have another look at fags, you may be surprised to find out there are all sorts: not only hilarious and pathetic, but also smart, dumb, nice, ugly,etc etc. Give yourself a chance – if you can.

  • Fodolodo

    Anderson Cooper is out. He is not hiding. The fact that he does not want to answer a question does not make him not out. It is not a secret.

  • curt

    I think AC is a closet case and don’t watch his shows because of it but I have to say I respect him for playing for this charity. Of all the charities he chose this one and did so openly. It was an honorable thing and he did great. He’s smarter than I thought too.

  • Mitch

    @DouggSeven: If Anderson was comfortable with himself he would be able to easily say he is gay. Instead he tells viewers he lives alone with Molly.

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