Anderson Cooper’s Hilarious Shredding Of Amy Kushnir Is The Takedown Of All Takedowns

Okay, okay, we know you’re probably getting tired of hearing about Amy Kushnir, but we couldn’t resist sharing Anderson Cooper‘s recent shredding of the homophobic boxed blonde.

“If you’re not in the Dallas area you are missing out on a spectacular morning show called The Broadcast,” Cooper said without a hint of sarcasm in his voice, “and an incredible moment last week when they veered away from springtime pizza recipes and how to slim down your fat pets, to weigh in on this: Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend while ESPN cameras were rolling after Sam became the first openly gay player drafted to the NFL.”

Cooper then played footage from last week’s episode of The Broadcast, which has garnered more than 1.2 million hits and 600 “dislikes” on Youtube.

“Amy Kushnir has every right to express her opinion,” Cooper said. “She just wants us to think of the children. And she has a point, if we don’t take action, TV could become a Bacchanalian free-for-all complete with half-naked men and indiscriminate kissing.”

Video of an episode of The Broadcast from February then flashed across screen. In it, a very giddy Kushnir is seen being lifted up by two shirtless male strippers. Giggling, she then gives each stripper a kiss on the cheek.

Earlier this week, Kushnir told Glenn Beck in so many words that it was her mission to keep homophobia alive in America. Ms. Kushnir, if you’re reading, your time would probably be better spent at a salon having your roots touched up. Or, better yet, taking a very long vacation.

Check out Cooper’s skewering of Kushnir below. 

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  • rextrek

    ohhh Ssssnap Anderson! thank you for bringing the blatant hypocracy of the rightwing wackjobs to light….!…tho you coulda also mentioned – she’s the daughter of rightwing charleton preacher Tilton…who has swindled Millions from the sheeple, and her dad is on his 3rd marriage too.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Kushnir needs more than her ‘roots’ touched up!

  • Cam

    Off Topic, but why did Queerty stop posting about the RuPaul episodes?

  • gyntlgynt

    Hope this video goes viral.

  • betrthanu84

    “Bacchanalian”, Queerty. Not “Machiavellian.” Quite different.

  • Lance Mullholland

    Amy is the worst kind of hypocrite. Gag-0-Rama! I wonder if she shouted “get a room!” at the TV when Prince William kissed Kate Middleton on the palace balcony after their wedding?

    As for kissing the black stripper on his head, well – that was an arrestable offense in Dallas not too long ago. Oh my! “I wouldn’t want MY children to see a white woman kissing a Negro man!” What on earth would they think down at 1st Baptist ?

    At least we’re coming along. I grew up 73 miles East of Dallas, and bi-racial couples (hetero, of course), may now stroll through the Athens Super Wal-Mart hand-in-hand – without getting attacked or spat upon.

    I became an Anderson fan during his Katrina coverage. He was “bitch on wheels” kind of angry about politicians making photo tours, then nothing being done afterwards. Genuine anger on live TV – that was new!

    Maybe he was discovering his Inner Black Woman spirit that each of us gay men have – the outrage that we express once we get over doing our hair and obsessive clothes shopping, being a gym rat, etc. Anderson Cooper is a pearl in the pig pen of Life…

  • KDub

    Granted Kushnir’s not the most likeable person around, but Anderson Cooper “shredding” someone? Really? She wasn’t even there. Even if she had been, he’s not taking down anyone with those 3rd grade questions he asks. Still trying to figure out who he’s sucking off.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @KDub: You arrogant PITA!!! Obviously you’re a plumber by trade who lives in his Mommy’s basement. Don’t be giving yourself away by accusations at another person!

  • KDub

    @Dakotahgeo: Is that you, Anderson?

  • sejjo

    Love this guy!!

  • woodin

    surprised more attention isn’t paid to her father scam artist Robert Tilton

  • michael mellor

    Anderson Cooper was a media closet case for years. His show has been a ratings flop. He should join Amy in the TV wilderness.

  • Craigie

    Cut Up Not Toasted !

  • toberlin

    It is a hopless endeavor to confront People like Amy Kushnir openly/directly with Logic Arguments.Also in daily Life it is to me more effective to “play the dumb”-Card and put them stupid Questions.I just let them bla and wait for the Momement they knock themself out like bigoted /hypocritical People always do.Then it is a easy Job to show them up.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @michael mellor: Anderson Cooper is one of the best TV personalities available. Not everyone likes his style… no problem there!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @KDub: Anderson Cooper wouold not even think of responding to you. Be grateful he lets you watch him at all!

  • tricky ricky

    please send in your prayer requests for amy to pray over along with your hard earned cash. she’s nothing but the scamming lying daughter of a lying scamming preacher named robert tilton.

  • bobolover

    Quel Suprise! You’ll be seeing ‘Sister Amy’ on FOX next month – this was her BIG Audition Tape!

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